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    New Aquarium

    So my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to get an aquarium as we have talked about it for awhile and we have a really good spot for one. The only thing is we are so new at this whole thing so can anyone tell me things I need to know before I go ahead and get an aquarium? We are looking at getting a second hand aquarium, 55 gallons. The people who are selling it are just upgrading to a bigger aquarium.

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    be careful buying a second hand one sometimes they leak, also what appears as a good deal may not be you can find aquarium in a package deal with filters hood ect at walmart petsmart petco for a reasonable price. So need to look at that as well. also need to decide on what kind of fish

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    Are you planning on saltwater or freshwater? Also as a side note, the going rate for a used gl$#@! aquarium (non-leak) is $1 per gallon.

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    Craiglist is awesome for used aquariums. I would go into your local pet store and ask questions about what you need. That is what we did. Also you can find complete set-up complete with fish for cheap on craigslist. Also look at garage sales, I have found some awesome tanks there for dirt cheap.

  5. As a new aquarium owner, the best thing you have going for you is the large size of the tank (as long as you do not overcrowd the tank). Bigger tanks tend to be more stable in water chemistry and change more slowly when something is going wrong. Make sure you have the big three kinds of filtration covered- mechanical, biological, and chemical. Add fish slowly over time and don't overcrowd! Get your water tested and try to get fish that like your water the way it is in terms of pH and hardness. Get test kits and monitor your water quality as you add fish over a period of months. And if you are getting a used tank, do not wash it with soap!!! Use a paste of white vinegar and plain salt. Use bleach if you have to, but rinse well and thoroughly airdry the tank. Soap is full of phosphates and they are bad for fish water!
    And lastly, get one of those beginner aquarium books at a pet shop. They aren't too expensive, and they really do tell you all you need to know to get started.

    ETA: Oh yeah, and make sure your floor can take the weight! You can figure a 55 gal tank is going to weigh 550 or more lbs. filled.
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    You should check out this forum: The Planted Tank
    There are many very experienced aquarium hobbyists on there who will get you started on your path to a happy healthy tank.
    And just like PBC, they also offer "roadside $#@!istance" for all those bumpy patches. ;)

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