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    growling and barking at me

    So my 12 week pup has started to growl and bark at me. It happens usually after we are done playing or done going outside to go potty.

    I'll toss him a toy and after about 20 min or so he will stop playing with it, then he will site down about 5 ft away from me and growl/bark at me for about 15 seconds. I dont know if this is a dominance issue or something?

    At first I thought it meant he had to go potty but sometimes when i take him out, he wont go potty. Then we go back in and he will sit and bark/growl at me again.

    So now I try to ignore him when he does this. i dont look at him or talk to him. he seems to bark longer and louder when i do this. (extinction burst?). should i be doing something different.

    2nd issue is his humping issue. he will grab onto peoples legs and hump them. telling him NO doesnt do anything. popping the leash doesnt do anything cause he will just jump right back up and grab the leg. having the person ignore him doesnt do anything cause the pup is happy jus humping the leg.:confused: kneeing him in the chest just made him more excited and more determine. kind of at a loss at this behavior.

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    rip the pup off and keep popping that leash. a few days of doing it wont fix everything, it takes constant corrections and time. changing methods fast just confuses them and they just dont listen.

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    Sounds like an ill behaved puppy that needs some discipline.

    Start practicing NILF.

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    ive been doing the correction/popping leash for about 3 weeks now. doesnt seem to change his behavior. also once in a while he will do it to me to. and then start nipping my pants and growling at me when i correct him. should i be using a toy to redirect him when he does it to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    Sounds like an ill behaved puppy that needs some discipline.

    Start practicing NILF.

    yeah ive been practicing that. i tell him to sit before we go out/in, before i put the bowl of food down, before i throw the ball, etc. he doesnt sleep on my bed. he goes to his crate to sleep. the growling/barking issue kinda just started a week ago.

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    Anything change in the house or routine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    Anything change in the house or routine?
    the only thing i can think of, was having my brother watch him a few nights that I had to work late. I know my brother gets very frustrated at him when the dog doesnt listen. Ive told him many times to come on here and read the stickies and i guess he hasnt done that. my guess is that my brother probably uses more negative correction stuff like cesar milan. but the pup does not sound agressive when hes growling/barking. kinda like a 'look at me' bark.

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    Why don't you just isolate him as soon as he starts up his BS? Also, he's only 3 months old and you're having pack structure issues with him? Obviously he's testing you to see how far he can go. No rough play with him, no letting him on your bed or couches, you need to be strict with him but not mean or cruel. One strong correction does more than 100 wimpy ones, in fact weak corrections do nothing except make you appear weak in the eyes of the dog. It can be a delicate balance when you want to maintain a trusting relationship but also have to deal with some really bad behaviors. You may also want to try "positive" methods using a reward system for not being and $#@!. It will work if you do it right. Luckily most dogs really do want to please us and will come around if you use the proper techniques.

    You could be in for a rough ride for a while but keep at it. I would always recommend seeing a professional trainer and get obedience training started as soon as possible. Dogs can take up to 3 years to mature, hope you have stamina.

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    Puck loves the sound of his own voice. He barks at everything for any reason, I don't see it as a dominance thing just as an excited communication thing (though it is annoying). We do NILIF and he's solid on his basic obedience and listens to me when I say quiet (and consequently because he is such a vocal dork has learned speak very quickly).

    Yesterday he gave the barbecue he hadn't seen before a big scolding before he went up to it and decided it was ok.

    Barking doesn't bother me even when he does it at someone walking by if we are in the front yard, he will bark once and wait expectantly for them to come over and pet him. They can pet him if he listens to me when I say quiet and sit. I tend not to correct puppies this young (except on the recall) though.

    I'd redirect on the mouthing behavior and ignore the barking (it does sound like an extinction burst, Puck barked a LOT more a few weeks ago than he does now with just my ignoring him-especially when he was in his crate or we were out and he didn't want to potty he wanted to PLAY).

    Never had a humper amazingly but I'd just put him away until he calmed down. Make sure he is getting a lot of exercise too, sounds to me like he thinks you are all his toys and not his pack leader(s) and he has more energy than he knows what to do with.

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    Sounds like he wants to play to me. :)

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