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    cautious dog won't let me touch her belly

    i got a pup at about 3 months and its been 5 months since i've had her but she's still slightly paranoid, from the time i got her she still cautious about anyone touching her even me she just moves her head slightly but i can still pet her and its only around the head plus she wont let me touch her stomach she isnt aggressive to me but she just forces to stay off her back...any ideas?

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    moved your post to get more answers
    I am having trouble with computer seems I am on my 3 rd attempt to try and answer it keeps skipping backwards to original post

    Do you mean she won't let you roll her on her back she resist? stop doing that if that's what your doing
    you need to desensitize her to touch some are just sensitive to it
    use treats she loves, and slowly do more and more but go slow
    put treat at nose and touch her on her head, then do it again then touch her neck, then shoulder then leg then paw, etc... you may have to do head 10 times then slide you hand to her neck, she must enjoy it, hence the treats to let her have a pleasant rewarding experience with what you are doing
    make sure she doesn't have any physical ailments, shot sensitivity at location, pinch nerve or bruises etc..
    slow ansd steady wins the prize, get her wanting you to touch her cause hot dogs come out when you do.

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    yea she resists it but i do pet her first rub her bak and her head etc., i rub my other dog with the other arm hoping she'll pick up the habit but she loves licking me n stuff but i'll try what you said thanks

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    drgnrdr pretty much summed it up.
    no force, and have her $#@!ociate good things with you touching her.
    hot dogs are MAGICAL.

    when i first got Dallas, she hated having her feet touched. no one had ever done it. she didn't get upset, but she acted uncomfortable.
    with the pups i raise, they get their nails done a lot, and get treats for it, so for them, having their feet touched means COOOOOKIES! so... same with Dallas. i touched her feet lightly before feeding her dinner, when giving her treats, etc.
    now, when she wants a cookie or something, she raises a paw high in the air and waves it around till i touch it.

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    If your dog is shy forcing it to roll onto its back in an alpha roll (or even just a forced belly rub-she doesn't know the difference) will only make her lose confidence and trust in you. As stated above make petting fun, become a treat dispenser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDirtyDawg View Post
    hot dogs are MAGICAL.

    So is cheese. Beware of cheese gas though. Good alternative for when you run out of hot dogs.

    My dogs will do anything for cheese.

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    ewww i will do ANYTHING to get rid of cheese farts.

    this weekend we went to VT.
    Tank is trained to not eat food unless someone actually hands it to him and says "eat it". but Ella is not (she doesn't come to work with me, so i never needed to train it to her, although she knows "leave it"). she will eat food that's left on the floor and in the car. well, my SO left a small block of VT smoked cheddar in the car when we went into the deli for a sandwich...
    it was gone when we came back. she even ate some of the wax. (thank goodness it's safe food grade wax!)
    needless to say, we did a LOT of walking for the next two days. at least in the open air hiking we couldn't smell her farts.

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