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  1. What kind of pitbulls do I have?

    I am wondering what kinds of dogs I have. The red one is called Muscles (not by choice), and is about 11 years old. We got him from a friend's sister who couldn't take him when she moved. She doesn't know his full history, and he was already more than a year old when she got him. We do know that he had a very traumatic past and was in training to be a fighter. He is a very sweet boy. He scares easily, especially by loud noises, raised voices (particularly mine), and the sound of mail and packages being opened. He gets along well with our other dog, Orion, but in general does not get along with other animals. But he loves company and will run right up to new people, eager to show off. He is fairly large, and a little chunky, but for some reason the two pitbulls that we took in that were fully grown came to us skinny, but put on weight. We never overfed them, and the dogs we got as puppies never developed this problem. He weighs 80 lbs., but he is tall. I am guessing that he is a fawn?

    The other one, Orion, is almost 5 and has the strangest colorings and markings that we've ever seen. In pictures he looks black and white, but in the sun it is clear that his dark sides are more of a grayish brown - he looks dirty. He has a black stripe down his spine, that for the first year or two was completely wavy - but only that stripe was wavy! He has little black spots underneath his white fur, and has black and pink claws. We got him as a puppy, but his mother had apparently died, and we never saw the dog that sired him. We were told he was a bull mastiff, but I highly doubt it. Orion is short & fit, but not wiry, & weighs about 50-55 lbs. He is very playful, and very sweet & cuddly & kissy. But guests do not see this, because he is very guarded around them. He is scared of my brother's girlfriend's cat and hides behind me when the cat's around. I have no idea what kind of pit he might be.
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    I do not understand this question? What do you mean what "kind" of pit bull do you have?

    If you know that Muscle has a traumatic past and was in training to be a fighter, I am $#@!uming you or your friends sister know personally the people who had him before. That is very specific information about that dogs past, and you should definitely know more about him. Unless you are interested in contacting his original owners, there will not be much information to be found. Fawn is just his color.

    Orion is not a pit bull. Orion is a pit bull mix. If you are interested in finding out what Orion is mixed with, I do believe they now sell kits that can help you get a better idea. However, just based on a picture we can only guess!

    They are beautiful dogs and I wish you the best of luck with them!

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    I have no clue except that they are nice looking dogs a little chunky but So are my dogs

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    mixes. whatever they are, they are adorable

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    I love the color pattern on Orion, especially down his back legs- very unique! Since he has that wavy stripe down his spine, he may have some Rhodesian Ridgeback in him? They look like they have a "pit bull" breed in them 2 me. They are both def. very cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melrose927 View Post
    I am wondering what kinds of dogs I have.
    The ADORE-A-BULL kind!

    In all seriousness, though, there is really no way to know without papers.
    Great looking dogs, and regardless of breed or variety they should be treated like pampered, pedigreed champions!

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    No way to tell what breed they are without papers, but I think you are safe to say they are pit bull mixes... Very cute ones at that.

    I suggest you get Muscles to lose some weight, extra weight on elderly dogs is $#@! them, and he seems chunky from the pics.

    Welcome! Hope to see you posting more of Orion and Muscles :)

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    I would say they are "pit bull" mixes as well. They are both very handsome! :)

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