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    Fun games you enjoy playing with your pitbull

    Hey guys, just wondering what are some fun games you and your dog enjoy.... Roxy's loves to play soccer. Great way to burn some puppy energy.

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    I donno I guess fetch...well kinda fetch he used to bring it back every time, I love it when I throw somthing then he brings it up and starts throwing it around by himself then drops it and walks up to me and is like "go get it and throw it for me again mom" its pretty fun

  3. (The thread killer is here, sorry...) Butter is a great game. Try to grab Oscar when he has a toy, and he slips out like he is covered in butter. Its fun for him I guess. Also, I like to have him jump to get whatever toy he wants to play with.

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    a game where I get to guess what shirt of mine he's probably chewing on now. lol

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    Rivers favorite is anything where she is chasing something. She goes insane while playing with the flirtpole running and jumping in the air to catch it. She loves the springpole she will stay with it all day if I let her. Fetching sticks, balls.
    She also loves to play hide and seek in the house. I will hide one toy and tell her to find it and she jumps on all the couches flipping the pillows off and she searches all over smelling around for it so intense until she finds it. And she does find it!

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    Puck is 9 weeks yesterday everything is a game. He likes the walking game (where he runs to the end of the lead and does a flip and runs to the other end) a lot. :D Seriously though we do a lot of treat training and marker training already as well as NILIF and he's picking it up like crazy. No one I meet believes he is so young and well behaved. Fetch is a fun one for him and tug and chase.

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    he loves his springpole! but he likes it even more when I pretend like I'm holding itand pulling it away from him.

  8. I play find it but with treats... I have two pits and boy the competition gets intense as they try to out-find each other!

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    We play 'find it' all the time here. Hidden toys, mostly.
    Flirt pole is very popular with all of them.
    Spring pole, which we don't do very often anymore due to Gypsy's bad knees, is one of her favorites--I actually had to tie the chain up to the branch to keep her from going out on her own and getting it. We go out and play on it maybe four times a month.
    Fetch is a favorite of all of them.
    When we are out in the yard, I will grab tails and make a loud "PSSST!" noise, and that will get them zooming like crazy. So funny to watch, and I know they love it, lol.
    Tug-O-War is great for them all, too.
    They love when I chase them, that just makes them all sorts of giddy.
    I also do 'grabby paws'. Which, as you can probably guess, is where I will grab their front paws and they try to grab my hands. Probably not the best game, but one I've always played with them, lol.

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    MJ plays fetch, unfortunately she normally brings back pieces of the stick I throw. I have to literally throw a small branch if I want it back somewhat whole, lol.
    She loves springpole/flirtpole, so I guess those are her favorite games. If I'm holding the springpole toy, even better!

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    Pops loves fetch with this one particular colorful tennis ball...good excersice as well. He also likes to runa nd slide across the tile and hardwood floors(so keep his nails trimmed is a must) dont even get himstarted he wont stop!!

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