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    Some working Patterdales

    Terriers hunt nutria along New Orleans bayou

    Posted: Mar 17, 2010 6:05 PM CDT Updated: Mar 22, 2010 5:33 AM CDT
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    NEW ORLEANS, LA (WWL) - Nutria have caused erosion problems along Bayou St. John in New Orleans for years, but things have gotten so bad lately neighbors have turned to a special kind of terrier to help weed out the nuisance.

    Wozniak has taken on the task of fixing the problem. Someone told him to call the SWAT team to shoot the nutria the way Jefferson Parish did back in 1995, but Wozniak wanted a more peaceful solution. He said using a SWAT team shoot the creatures was not a great option in his populated neighborhood. Wozniak then planted dafodils because he learned the nutria won't go near the flowers, but they didn't mind those either.

    A man named Mike Ho$#@!, owner of Ho$#@! Wildlife Control, has discovered the Patterdale terrier is highly-effective at helping rid an area of nutria. He showed how one of his dogs, Sybil, gets the job done.

    "He's itching to get in the hole to go find 'em," Ho$#@! said. "They (nutria) are very destructive, but these dogs are very well-trained and they basically come out unharmed. They hold them in one place and we dig down and remove them."

    Wozniak and his neighbors have hired Ho$#@! and his little terriers to kill the nutria. According to Wozniak, it is the most unique method he's come across so far of ridding an area of the pests. They kept track of Sybil with a little orange box and her tracking collar. About an hour after she started, she found one, pinned it and killed it. Ho$#@! and his team dug in, got it and buried it. A 100-yard tunnel was soon found along the bayou.

    "I didn't know that they damage that they cause was this severe," said Ho$#@!. "It's destroying the levees. There's tunneling underneath this ground that we're standing on causing it to collapse."

    Wozniak and the 400 interested neighbors will foot the bill for Ho$#@!'s services and they don't mind spending the money to kill a Louisiana rodent before it kills their Louisiana lifestyle.

    Ho$#@! wrapped up the hunt after he says his dogs killed two more nutria and got tired.

    video at this link:

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    I saw this on the news when I was in the hospital. It was a really good video and story and I wanted to share. Those were some feisty little dogs.
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    Thats cool!

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    That is awesome! They really are some fiesty dogs.

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    Great! What do those Nutria look like?

    Here you go :

    [ame=""]Coypu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

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    Patterdales are so cute! I've heard them called "mini pit bulls" because of their physique and feisty nature. They're great dogs, I've had quite a few as training clients.:)

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    That is cool. They are cool little dogs, very fiesty! I looked up nutrias.. man are they ugly! :eek:

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    Nutria are nasty creatures and can get quite big. They are most definitely a challenge for any good, well-trained hunting dog and would probably be extremely harmful to a non-working dog without a clue.

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