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Thread: ham hock bones?

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    ham hock bones?

    So I was in the grocery store today and was looking at the ham hock bones. They had ham meat on the bones and I think they were raw. Is that what I would buy for the dogs as a treat? Do I have to worry about food poisioning if I don't cook the ham?

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    If your dog doesn't chew hard, it's not a horrible thing to let them chew on while you're there.

    However, I've been reading about the real ham bones sold for pets causing deaths. Let me go find the story.

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    FDA reviewing possible dangers of dog illness and death from Real Ham Bone

    Growing up we always gave our cooked ham bones to the dogs without incident... BUT ham bones are very strong, can break weak teeth, and if they get a shard off can be a danger.

  3. These are what we get - they are labeled as soup bones. They have marrow in the middle. Zoey is a pretty aggressive chewer and she will chew on them forever. We don't cook them. I also only allow them to have one maybe once a week. I am sure you can give them more than that, but it is a special treat. I really like to give them one right after a bath because it keeps them busy forever and they don't pace and bug me about going outside (to get dirty again)!

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    Ok cool that's what they were is soup bones. I think the problem with the "real ham bone" is that its cooked and they splinter

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    It it's actually raw, I wouldn't worry. But still supervise, I don't trust mine to chew on anything alone They're so accident-prone they'd find a way to choke on a basketball.

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