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    How often should a 12 week old pitbull sleep?

    My puppy is fairly lazy... We try to give him plenty of exercise but he just doesnt seem interested. He sleeps alot and not as active as i feel a puppy should be. i took him to the vet but they dont seem to think anything is wrong with him. When i first got him he had been locked in a kennel for most of 3 weeks straight. We adopted him from the vet office that i took him back to. He was brought in for worms and his first shots. he was only 6 weeks old at the time. the people couldnt afford to pay his vet bill so the vet was forced to find him a home. we have had him for almost 2 and 1/2 weeks and while he plays a little he sleeps more. so i was wondering if this was normal. i was also wondering what would be the best brand of puppy food would be the best for him. he is eating dry dog food by pedigree any help would be great.

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    MJ would sleep all day, every day if I let her. As long as your vet gives the pup a clean bill of health, you have nothing to worry about. Some dogs are complete couch potatoes, and some endlessly have the zoomies.
    Pedigree is NOT very good food to feed any age dog. Try Taste of the Wild or Orijen if you feel you must feed kibble or prefer to, or check out a raw diet (often referred to as a BARF diet) to see if it's something you could handle.

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    It's only a pup. All they do is play a bit,eat,$#@! and sleep. Think how much a baby sleeps. If the vet says he is fine go by that. A young pup like that doesn't really need much exercise other than following you around the houe and it's own horse play.

    There are much better foods but somebody else who knows more will be able to suggest something no doubt.

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    Puppies are pretty much like babies, all they do is sleep, eat and poop. :p

    It's normal for pups to sleep a lot, they play then sleep, then eat, then sleep. It sounds like he's doing ok, if the vet has given him a look over and thinks he's progressing well, then chances are he's just sleeping like all puppies do. :)

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    It's pretty normal for a young puppy to be sleeping as they are growing I wouldn't worry too much especially if the vet found nothing wrong medically. :)

    I would definately change his food, pit bulls are really sensitive and often have food allergies so feeding a high quality food is a must.
    What we feed our dogs part II

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    Lola is 11 weeks and she plays 15-20 minute spurts through out the day then knocks out right after.... She sleeps so so much but she is growing. Taste of the Wild is my choice in kibble which Lola has been on for a week and doing great. =)

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    Mighty slept all day every day for until he was about 4 months then he started getting a bit more energetic, id say hes doin fine

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    Thought I read somewhere that puppies sleep around 18 hours per day.

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    Mine sleeps almost all day. Sleeps even longer if I put him on my bed.

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    Our 5 month old sleeps 80% of the day. 15% is active play, wrestling with our older dog or training. 5% is uber-zoomies. We just put him in the yard and let him tear around for that part.

    I figure puppies sleep a lot because of all the growing they're doing.

    Oh.. personal note on the Orijen puppy food. We had our pup on it before going to raw. He didn't tolerate raw very well so we switched back to a new bag of orijen.

    He got terrible upset stomach from it. Turns out that Orijen started putting citric acid in the food as a preservative. Some dogs tolerate it fine.. others don't. We switched to Innova Puppy and he's doing fine. Just know that going in.

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    Mollie would sleep 23 hours out of the day if I would let her.... she is the laziest dog I've ever been around, which spoiled me because when we got Bella, she was the complete opposite and would sleep 23 minutes out of the day. However, when Mollie sees deer out the back door, she flies off the deck like a bullet and never slows down. You'd never know by looking at her that her lazy fat butt could run that fast. It's amazing how fast she can fly when she sees something outside. But inside, all she sees is the couch and her blankie. :rolleyes:

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    Thanks for the info everyone. He has perked up a little bit the last couple days he more zoomie now i guess he was still getting use to the house and everything. he is actually running and playing but maybe it was because ive been taking him outside on little walks i guess brightened him up

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