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  1. Garner's Dynomite

    I jus bought a pair of pup Tom Garner...
    Dynomite x Red Girl ll - male pup
    Dynomite x Miss Otto. - female pup
    I'm wanting to start my yard off right the first time, so I found this site while looking for info on te line I jus bought.
    I am looking to buy four more pups and was wondering wut everyone thought of the pups I bought and sum adice on my future purchase of the nex four pups

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    Hey man, try and base your yard off some proven dogs instead of using pups as your base. What if they don't turn out to be worthy of breeding you know? Too many people get pups and end up breeding them just because it's all they have to work with you know? Just a thought, take it easy.

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    What are your plans for the pups before you breed? Will they work, go to shows or weightpull?

    I would have them do some activity to prove their worth.,

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    Glad to have you here!!

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  12. I have a pup off dynomite and redgirl2 male also dob 12-28-09 you might have the brother mr.garner told me there was only 2 males in the litter? Let me know please Ty

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    I have a dyno redgirl2 male dob 12-28-09. Tom said there were only 2 males ?

  13. Is stonie 4 real

    Stonie told me he might have the littermate to my dog dynomite and redgirl2 and asked for some pics which I emailed him with and never heard from him again after that! Lol
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  14. i like that blood i have a young female off of garners&singletons bella bred to dob gotti and love her u should have some nice pups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico326 View Post
    Hey man, try and base your yard off some proven dogs instead of using pups as your base. What if they don't turn out to be worthy of breeding you know? Too many people get pups and end up breeding them just because it's all they have to work with you know? Just a thought, take it easy.
    Definitely something to think about!

    Here at PBC we stride to encourage responsible ownership through education and enlightenment. We know that knowledge and hard facts are our best weapons in the fight against Breed Specific Legislation and the horribly misconstrued reputation that these dogs have come to face. Our primary goal is to provide education to the public about the nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and related breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) and American Bully, all of which are often referred to as Pit Bulls. With a wide range of sizes and colors, and an ever-increasing mixed-breed population, the pit bull presents a challenge for those who would define it. These days, it seems that everyone knows what a "pit bull" is and that "they" are dangerous. This ambiguous status has led to vague definitions of the pit bull in breed-banning ordinances, and the label "pit bull" has been applied generically to any dog that appears dangerous. In fact, over eighty percent of Americans, when faced with pictures of the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds, fail to correctly identify the APBT. Can you spot the true Pit Bull? Click here to find out.

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