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Thread: Blue razorback

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    Blue razorback

    Hey has anyone ever heard of a bloodline "blue razorback"....this guy at my school has one and he keeps tryna tell me my dog isn't full blooded, which he is, I have his adba papers and his 6 gen ped, but anyway he keep saying mine is mixed bc he's not as big as his dog. His dog is deff an ambully but he doesn't know what an ambully is lol but he said his dog is blue razorback, I've never heard of it, just wondering if anyone here has? Btw his dog is ukc, adba reg which to me means american bully

  2. blue razorback sounds like a fake bloodline so i doubt he has papers on his dog...your friend might just not know any better,or hes a compleat moron...dont let it bother you,you know what you got and thats all that matters

  3. He may mean Razor's Edge. Lots of people are stupid, missread or misshear things, and just run with it.

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    Gator pit is right. I bet you money that is what he means, just doesnt know any better. Razorback? HAHA, I have heard that before. And try to educate him on American Bullies. Or ask him to join here. May I ask what grade you are in? Or what kind of school.

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    LOL print out a copy of the breed standard for him.

    FYI just because a dog is dual registered ADBA UKC it does not make it an AmBully.
    But, yes, it does sound like he has an AmBully though from him being so into size.

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    Lol... razorback... his dog is a hog!!

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    Lol naw he's not my friend, just someone who goes to my school, and I'm a soph in college so I'm not really in a grade...and I know some ukc and adba dogs arnt ambully, but I just thought the majority of them were, but I wasn't sure

  8. pop him in the nose then send him to the bully forum on here. Actually he sounds like a $#@! so disregaurd sending him here :)

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    hmm, what bloodline is your apbt? I've seen his pics and he looks nice. In regards to blue razorbacks, I've seen no blue razorbacks as of yet, but I have seen many razorbacks. They are what us hogdoggers use our apbts to catch LOL.

    If anyone here sees a blue hog, let me know asap. Damn, I feel like captain Ahab, except my white whale is a blue hog :)

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    i hear blue razorbacks cross well with gata moufs and crocodile lips and american red noses

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDirtyDawg View Post
    Lol... razorback... his dog is a hog!!
    Lol, exactly what I was going to say!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Budboy88 View Post
    i hear blue razorbacks cross well with gata moufs and crocodile lips and american red noses
    don't forget red white and blue pits

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    he's probably confusing a name or a kennel name as a bloodline... for example...

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    with that insight, NC, is there really such a thing as gator, or is it just a misnomer after crenshaw's dog?

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    No there is no "gator" Just Plumber's Champion Alligator

    And there's Crenshaws Ch Alligator as well...

    But no.... nothing I would consider a gator bloodline

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    that's what i thought. thanks!

  17. Nvr heard of it, but you will hear alotta crazy names people call a bloodline. People still call my dogs rednose pits just cause some have rednoses. If you dnt know a bloodline dnt guess just by color or size, that cnt be done..

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    Quote Originally Posted by NcPrisonGuard View Post
    No there is no "gator" Just Plumber's Champion Alligator

    And there's Crenshaws Ch Alligator as well...

    But no.... nothing I would consider a gator bloodline

    what about CH RODRIGUEZ' GATOR ??

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    True I left him out as he is my least favorite "gator" dog... but I still wouldn't call him a bloodline... he's just a jeep dog.

    Quote Originally Posted by 6pack1%er View Post

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    To the OP, I wouldn't even waste the time, ignorant people will believe whatever they want and it seems they'll believe it twice as hard the minute someone disagrees.

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