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    Puppy has Large Pimple-Like Bump..

    My 14 week old puppy has a large pimple-like bump on her lower belly. When I noticed it yesterday morning it wasn't very big and looked like a bite/sting of some type because it had a small red dot in the center. By last night the bump had gotten significantly bigger and red/inflammed. This morning it had gone down quite a bit, but looks like it may be forming a pimple-like head filled with pus. Gross I know. Should I be worried?? Should I go ahead and take her to the vet today or wait til Monday and see how it looks then??

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    Does the dog ever pee in her crate? Tyson used to get those, he is allergic to his pee, weird I know, but thats what the vet said....

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    No, as far as I know, she's never gone in her crate. I had my dad come by and look at it this morning and he said it looked like a cyst, maybe something like cystic acne. My dad is nurse (which really has nothing to do diagnosing dogs.. but he's still familiar with skin conditions and such). This afternoon the bump has gone down a lot more and isnt red, so that makes me feel better.. I've kept her from playing out in the gr$#@! with the big dogs today, so I'm thinking whatever it is was further irritated by playing in the gr$#@!.. She goes for her last round of puppy shots next week, so I'm definitely gonna have the vet look at it if it hasnt gone away by then, either way I'll tell him about it.

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    Take a picture and post it. My first thought when you said the location was an umbilical hernia, but then when you described it I was thinking allergic reaction to a bug bite possibly. Keep an eye on it, if it gets worse get to the vet.

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    Here is a picture of what it looks like.. looking much better than yesterday. Picture quality is pretty bad, but you still get an idea of what it looks like..

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    Tyson had a few bites like that when the dummy sat on a fire ant hill last summer, they arent out here yet, but could it be that? I will tell you what, when he laid down so calm, I've never seen a dog yelp and jump up off the ground so fast in my life!

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    UPDATE: The bump is almost completely gone this morning!

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    In your pic, it looked like a bug bite. Some dogs, like people, are more sensitive to bug bites than others. Search around your yard for ant hills any any other sign of biting insects, and go ahead and treat for them. Just remember, if you do use any sort of pesticide, refer to application instructions and warnings on the package. You will have to keep all animals off the treated area(s) for a number of hours to days.

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    My pup got two of those one went away in after about a day. Look like an insect bite. Haven't changed anything since and he hasn't had anymore.

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    Glad to hear the bump is going away. :)

  11. My pup also had this pimple on her lower belly. It was from urinating in her cate and then laying down on it. I would smell her bedding and see if it smells like urine. That may be the cause.

  12. I found this discussion because my 11 wk old pitbull puppy has the same thing. Judging by the picture it looks the same but I think hers is bigger. She has had it for a couple of days and is not going down yet. She also has a bump starting on her shoulder. She was at the vet a couple of days ago and I did not think to mention it..they must have not noticed. Any new information on what these large bumps are from?
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