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  1. Blue Nose APBT= Skin Problems

    Hey guy's I'm at work, gotta make this short... My pup 4.5 months old is starting to get little bald spots on his fur. I got his skin scraped at vet and it turned up nothing... not itchy, hot or irritated. He is eating blue buffalo, longevity and boiled chicken. any advice helps. I will post pics later an my lunch,lol Thanx guys.

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    Try Nustock. I know you can get it at local feed stores and it helps regrow hair.

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    and where is the hairloss located, it could be a number of different allergies

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    You might want to do a little research on blue apbt. I swear Ive read that they are prone to more skin problems. Im sorry I dont have an answer for you though.

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    Not sure what longevity is but why the boiled chicken? It does not do anything for them and the Blue Buffalo should be sufficient. Tyson has lost a tiny bit of hair on his ear, but its since grown back.

    Blue is not a color, its a diluted black, and some people believe that because people just breed for color now and they are breeding these blue dogs back to back that it causes skin issues.

    Can you get pictures?

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    I have a blue tri color female (almost 5 months old) and she has skin issues. Came to me with the crappiest coat ever. I've had her since the beginning of January and her coat is MUCH better now, but it is still nothing like my males (who is tan/white).

    I have her on Grizzly Salmon Oil (she gets 2 pumps in her PM meal), and that seemed to help a lot. We also did a 2wk. course of antibiotics because she had some bumps on her head and belly, that also seemed to help.

    She does still have a couple tiny spots where she's missing some hair, but it's nothing like how it was.

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    Jewelz gets spots on her lower back sometimes, and onto the base of her tail. The hair starts to turn a white gray and then within hours its completely scabs over and the hair starts to fall out.(this is not self induced, she never licks or bites at it) The vet tech said its nothing to be extremely concerned about(skin scrape was normail), its typical of her because of her color its usually caused from poor breeding. She said when the scabs come about to wash them with barely warm water to kinda break them up and then comb through it. And to apply a cortizone cream if she ever itches it. I've done this for about 3 months now, and it worked awesome! Hair grows back in a week. I also changed her she only gets tiny spots instead of it being the whole area.

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