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    Overly Anxious Boy- In car and around new people

    Okay,... so my little man, Kaos, is about 3.5 yrs old. I've taken him on planes, buses, taxi's, since he was like 2 months. You'd think he'd be over this travel anxiety, but no. Practically every time, and different durations in to the trip, he will throw and/or have diahrea. He wines uncontrollably the entire time as well. But like a happy excited whine. I think he just works himself up. But we've tried evrerything, from putting a crate in the back for him... covering it when he whines, uncovering it when he's quiet. Running him prior to taking a trip; ignoring him; yelling at him; petting him (when he's sitting still). I recently borrowed my friend's car seatbelt hookup that hooks to his harness. This helps A LITTLE.. but sometimes I have to pull over anyway. And as soon as I do he runs to go to the bathroom. We are just at a loss..any advice?

    Also, when new people come over, he is a different dog. He jumps all over them like crazy, and will tackle new dogs (even though he's been very well socialized and lives with my other 2 dogs fine). I've taken him to obedience school. He does fine there. And he's fine at home wth us. But when people come over, he goes from my quiet little cuddle bug, to bouncing crazy dog... anyone else have a dog like this?

    I've had him since he was 5 weeks old. I've done nothing differently with him than I have my other dogs. He's been socialized since immunization. I've taken him on trips to other states and everything. But I've had to stop taking him places that involve car rides, b/c its just out of control.. any advice is appreciated.


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    mine is like that. try telling the people who come over to just ignore him, dont make eye contact with him, when he jumps on people, i usually tell the people to hit him with there knee on his chest(old fashion)to get him off or just turn your back on him. or you can try there is these jumping harness that you can use on him. when he starts to whines i usually throw him out.

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    or try NiLF

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    a dog is a dog and needs his boundaries with out them he wont have a clear head

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    or when the new people come over you can try to have him sit or lay down by there side

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    I would take my dog for a ride around the block 3 or 4 times a day. I would take my dog to the post office. I would take my dog EVERYWHERE. A million short rides should take the over-excitement out of things.

    When people come over, leash the dog or crate him. Don't let anyone touch him. When he gets bored, he gains freedom.

    Exercise him a lot. Get him in a dog cl$#@!. Don't give up. This will p$#@!. All dogs are different. Some take more work. Hang in there, you'll get it.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I started doing the short rides thing with him, and it didn't work, but that was when he just turned 2. And he has mellowed a lot since then. I used to run him a lot, but he runs in to my knees, and was throwing off my back. Several months of chiropractic bills later. Now I only do walks with him. Which unfortunately doesn't seem to be enough. I think i will try hooking him to my other dog and lettting them run ahead of me and re-visit the short trips thing. I hate it, b/c I really DO want to take him everywhere, and he's soooooo good when we're at home.

    As far as the jumping is concerned. That's what we currently do, but sometimes it backfires. As soon as we let him in he gets re-excited. We don't let them on the kitchen and dining areas. So sometimes, even if we wait till he's calm. A person will pet him, he'll calm down, they'll go in to the "forbidden zone" and the minute they step off, its like their new all over again! I will look in to the jump harness thing. I fear that we will just have to wait and be patient till he's older. When he was a pup it would take several hours, if he ever did, calm down. Then it went to an hour, then a half, and now 15 - 20... hopefully one day.. zero :) Our friends do put their knee up and turn their back but he gets even more crazed.... my little man is persistent. I'll just have to be patient I suppose.

    Thanks for all the advice :)

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    Start with some short rides... I used to take mine to the closest convenience store and go in and buy the 2 for a dollar beef jerky. Come out and give him a bite or two, and then the rest when you get home. If you start getting him to $#@!ociate the ride with something good, i.e., the beef jerky, he'll soon be begging to go for rides. :)

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    try not to yell at him when he is whinning. when you tell him to stop its like rewarding him

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    MJ used to get extremely carsick, no matter where I went. I've learned to limit her food intake (if I'm leaving in the morning to mid-afternoon, she doesn't get her morning meal). I also pick up her water bowl around 1 & 1/2 hours before I leave, and I always make sure she goes potty before getting on the road. I also keep the "vent" open on the a/c (if the a/c isn't running, or we aren't sitting in traffic) so that she gets a constant flow of air. I also started out very small, just sitting in the car while it's running, then drive to the corner and back, etc etc... It all has seemed to work, she can reliably go on car trips without my needing to pull over to prevent dog puke getting in my car. If I have a LONG car trip to take (took her to the very dog-friendly Florida Keys recently), I'll pull over about every 2 hours to let her potty and stretch her legs, and I'll offer her a little bit of water.
    As far as the manners when guests come over, have guests come over more often (even if it's just your neighbor). Work him on sit/stay (on lead at first), and he MUST stay to be able to greet a guest. If he gets up from the sit/stay before you release him, the guest must go out the door and repeat all the steps until he can calmly sit and stay to allow someone to enter. Having a guest sit down, on a couch or chair, to greet him before you release him from the sit/stay will help him resist jumping. Also, instruct your guests to turn their backs to him and cross their arms *completely ignoring him* if he tries to jump on them. He only gets attention when he is calmed down and being a good boy. Have a bowl of treats available, so that when he is nice and calm, your guest(s) can give him a pat on the head, a cookie, and a "good boy"!
    If your guest has a dog, an outdoors on-leash meeting is best and safest. There is no worry over someone/something getting knocked over by an excited dog, and the dogs are not greeting each other in a confined space. Outdoors (such as your driveway) is often a more neutral area than inside your home, so any tension should be less than when indoors.
    Also, don't overwhelm your dog by having too many people and dogs over, until he can reliably behave for a few. It'll take some time, but it's worth it!

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    Thanks for the advice Hall! I actually just tried the NILF technique with him the car and though there was some extreme whining panting squealing in the beggining, he did great. And we got stuck in traffic for a total of 3 hours and he didn't get sick once. Squirmy throughout the ride, but definite progress. I have tried to ahve people ignore him, but had stopped having people over b/c we weren't seeing progress. I think now that he is older its time to revisit this technique. Thanks so much for bringing it up. Take care!

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    Thats also a good idea about the jerky Nana, I'll do that :)

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