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  1. Long term effects of parvo

    The day after we brought baxter home from the pound, we found out he had parvo. he spent the next week on an IV and is okay now. Should i expect any issues in the future?

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    Only thing I can really think of is continued GI issues due to the prolonged irritation from the parvo. I'd also watch for growth issues since he was probably deprived of necessary nutrients for a while. I'd feed a high quality food to ensure he gets the proper nutrients he's been deprived of.

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    I have heard of liver damage is some cases, but not all.

    I am so glad you made it through. What a horrible virus.

  4. we are 4 months post parvo. He gets gas that will curl your nose hairs but no other apparent gi issues. i feed him purina puppy chow. I hadn't heard of liver issues, thanks for the tip
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    Mm, my little girl (in the signature) Sparkles, survived it as well... Very lucky dogs. I'm glad your boy made it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigAl View Post
    we are 4 months post parvo. He gets gas that will curl your nose hairs but no other apparent gi issues. i feed him purina puppy chow. I hadn't heard of liver issues, thanks for the tip
    So glad to hear he survived the Parvo... I've lost one dog that was mine to Parvo when I was about 14, and not too long ago, I paid to have a dog that I was keeping for a couple of weeks until the new owner could take him, put down because of it. It's a nasty disease and it sucks that it's still as rampant as it was back when I was a teenager.

    One thing I would suggest, is getting him off the Purina... I know all the commercials and stuff talk about how great it is, just like they do Iams and Eukanuba, but they are all crappy kibble. Read the list of ingredients... that will tell you how good of a quality kibble it is. I'm for grain free with this breed. Low end money wise, would be Blue Buffalo, which isn't a bad kibble, I use Taste of The Wild, which is about $40 for a 30 lb bag... high end would be Orijen or Merrick. Regardless of which one you choose, get him off the Purina, it's like feeding your kid McDonalds every single meal every day. If you must use Walmart, get Maxximun Nutrition. Walmart sells it, it's not too bad of a kibble ingredient wise, and is about $20ish dollars a bag. The pup definitely needs to be on a good quality kibble, especially since what he's been through with the Parvo.

    ** Oh, the curl your nose, as well as your toes, gas thing... might as well get used to that... I think this breed can push out the stinkiest poots of any dog I've ever owned! And, they have NO SHAME in doing so, especially when company shows up, and their "gift" has to clear a room.... or worse, the house!!

    Aside from that...... can't wait to see the little guy. :)
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    My black german shepherd girl Nyx,had parvo as a puppy.She is currently 11months old,and she had parvo @ 3 months old.She is still quite thin,and has some leg/joint issues and had horrid panno growing up.Her coat just now is becoming full and thick.
    She still isn't an overly ''healthy' girl,and she is still showing some effects from things I could attribute to her ''deadly dance'' with parvo.I don't think she gets full benifit of her food,and I think her panno was made worse by the parvo. I still love her to bits.She's a great dog.I find myself thinking,on her ''bad days'' weather she would have been better off to have passed from parvo,than have the issues she has now.

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    Pay very close attention to your dogs teeth...parvo inhibits the formation of enamel in some cases. There is nothing you can do about it except give them the appropriate food (softer...ect...usually no bones).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselDawg View Post
    Pay very close attention to your dogs teeth...parvo inhibits the formation of enamel in some cases. There is nothing you can do about it except give them the appropriate food (softer...ect...usually no bones).

    Is that from the parvo or the antibiotics?

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    My Dobe, Zeus, had parvo as a puppy. 7 out of 10 puppies in his litter died. He had no real issues that I would attribute to parvo. He was deathly ill, lost over 50% of his bodyweight, couldn't even stand or walk. Vet didn't think he would make it, but he pulled thru.

    He died last year at age 11 from bloat. I was told it would stunt his growth and he would never be healthy. He was 28.5" tall and weighed 90lbs. Teeth were gorgeous and white even on the day he died. They also said it would harm his heart and since Dobes were prone to heart issues anyways and he was born with a murmur, I supplemented him CoQ10 and vit E for the first few years and by the time he was 2, the vets could no longer find the murmur. By age 10 he was diagnosed wtih DCM, but it is one of the most common doberman diseases, so I don't think it was linked to the parvo.

  11. My foster Austin had parvo, he was really lucky the rescue footed the vet bill for him. He's doing fine, for about the first 6 or so months that we had him he had a really sensitive stomach so I had to be really careful about introducing new foods. He's fine now, hasn't had any more health issues.

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    GI issues and possible cardiac issues can remain. Also, it's not just what the virus did to the dog, but what long-term affects, if any, the medications used to help pull the dog through may have on the dog. For example, Baytril is commonly used even though it's contraindicated in puppies, but in most cases the benefits outweigh the risks. Baytril can result in stunted growth as well as a number of other issues.

    Overall, though, I would say that most pups/dogs with parvo in their history go on to live a long and normal-as-possible life.

  13. My dog, Cuddles, had parvo as a puppy, and she was a very healthy dog for the rest of her life. She lived till she was 15.

    So, there is a lot of hope! :)

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    My 7 month old was a parvo puppy. The only side effects the vet told me to expect were GI sensitivity to new foods which I have seen if we switch foods. I had him on Holistic Select which has pre and probiotics, great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and he did fantastic on it... no gas, no irritation at all. My 10 year old pit had gas and sensitive stomach all her life until I put her on this food. I have recently switched him to Taste of the Wild (TOTW) to rule out grain allergy and he is doing fine there too but i don't think he has grain allergy and will probably switch back.

  15. My pup in my avatar is a parvo survivor. It was only a month ago that he was at the vets hooked up to an IV. He was 4 months at the time. It was a scary 3 days. He recently came down with localized demodex mange which the vet says is a direct result of the parvo and his immune system being compromised. I told the rescue I adopted a lemon..I kid..I kid!! Despite the parvo and mange, he is healthy today!!! Thank Dog

  16. We got our boy from the humane society back in April. They told us he had parvo as a puppy. He just had his second bday in June. He has bad allergies and a sensitive stomach (probably unrelated to the parvo). However we have noticed that he always drinks a ton of water. We just found out from the vet that his kidneys aren't functioning properly. We are hoping it is just a urinary tract problem but will go back in two weeks to see if it is in fact his kidneys. The vet said this can be an after effect of the parvo. Unfortunately I think this is the case here. We will have to put him on a kidney diet and I'm not sure how his lifespan will be affected. Right now he acts very healthy and happy. Just drinks a lot of water and pees a lot. I have heard about many dogs having no issues after parvo so I hope that is your experience. Just wanted to tell you about ours

  17. I know a golden retriever who developed diabetes at 1 1/2 yrs old as a result of parvo as a pup. Tooth enamal issues can be a result of parvo - some puppies have it when presented for treatment.

  18. As for the German shepherd would be hard to say for sure if those issues are from parvo or not. I've seen all those issues in GSDs. Love the breed, but they can be a genetic nightmare.

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