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  1. Nibbling on blankets?

    I was wondering if it's normal for my dog to be nibbling on the blankets? He turn a year old in January and just recently started doing this when we lay down together. It annoys me and I can't seem to distract the behavior (with a chew toy or petting). Is it a comfort thing?

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    my guy is 4 months old and loves him some blanket edges haha

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    My girl is 2 and loves on her blankets every chance she gets.

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    Abby got upset at me the other day because I left and she wanted to go and chewed a hole in my blanket that was on the couch no she actually ate the hole because I found pieces in her poop

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    Both of my boys, 6 and 3 months love them some blankets. To the point I had to take them out of their kennels. They chew and chew and eat and eat. But if I dont keep them in there they will whine all night long. I guess maybe it is a comfort thing.

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    Two of my dogs are blanket shreders. They get no blankets in their kennels and they are closely watch while out.

    Jezebel will chew on the blankets when she is bored or if it is not "her" blanket. (She has claimed the bf Miami Dolphfin blanket as her own )

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    Bella loves to chew on blankets too!! Sometimes she destroys them, and sometimes she just likes to lay with her teeth sunk into the softness.

    When we were painting my house she developed a liking for the drop clothes. She happily shredded one that was right outside her crate! She was able to bite a corner of it and she dragged it into the crate and it looked like confetti in there when i got home!

    You just have to keep an eye out and let your pup know which blankets he can nibble on. Bella has her own designated "blankie" that she always bites on, but never actually destroys.

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    I've moved your thread to the Training/Behavior forum in hopes you get more replies to your question. :)

    I've never had a dog that chewed blankets.....but I have had a cat that liked to knead/suck them....

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    Corky will eat holes in his blanket unless 1--he's tired out from exercising and/or 2--he has a stuffed Kong which he prefers. He eats blankets when he's bored.

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    Our dog did this when she was 3mths-9mths, she chewed the corners of my blankets, and lately she has her own blanket for her bed which she nibbles on. I think she does it because she's bored.

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    Bubba will "flea" blankets... and certian blankets he likes to try and shred. Depends on the type of blanket.

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    my girls loves to lick and chew on them

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    I have some that are blanket chewers... try removing the blanket, or at least, adding a kong stuffed with a frozen mixture of peanut butter, banana (mashed up) and kibble. That will keep them busy for a little bit, but not sure if it will eliminate the nibbling problem. :o

  14. Thnaks guys, maybe it is just a comfort thing, because he never actully eats the blankets.

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