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    Can a pits ears look like this?

    This is my first post and I may need to resize my profile pic for you to see Roxy. I got her a couple of months ago from a friend. He said he got her from a breeder (but no papers) and he saw both parents and she is a full breed pitbull. My mother insists she must be mixed with something because her ears don't flop over. Does anyone else have a pit with high-standing ears? I read that most pitbulls are really mixed breeds, but can the ears alone indicate this? IMO, her big goofy ears add to her cuteness. Thanks for any responses.

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    If you don't have papers or know the parents of the dog there is no way you can tell if is pure. Pure apbt's can have ears that stand up but it is not the norm.

  3. Brady is a dog we adopted out and his ears are crazy, but adorable

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    Brady is a very
    I read that most pit bulls are really mixed breeds, but can the ears alone indicate this?
    The term "pit bull" bsides being the shortened name for the APBT is now sadly a catch all term often used for any mix resembling and American Pit Bull Terrier. Also, other purebreds are also lumped into the "pit bull"category such as Am,Staffs and SBTs.

    The True American Pit Bull terrier is a purebred dog not a mixed breed.

    As for the ears during teething and growth spurts many pups ears do crazy silly things. Some will then go rose or half prick while others will have crazy ears or even bat ears as adults. Thus, it is not a tell tale sign of then being mixed.

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    Because the ears have often been cropped, people don't seem to have bred nice ears on most dogs because they were easier to just cut off.

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    My dog has very nice ears, they are not cropped. Either way is fine, as long as the cropping is done right. I personally like the floppy long ears.

    Also, Brady is freaking adorable!

  7. Short answer is ...yes, some pure bred Amercan pit bull terriers have upright ears. It's called "prick" or "full prick".

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    Oh, I wish I could remember the name of the member here that has a white pit bull with ears that stand completely up... but for the life of me I can't think of her screen name or the dogs name... She posts in the photo section... I even think one of her threads was called "ears!". We also have a member on here named ABPTmom76 that has a dog that's ears stand straight up. Mollie's stand halfway up, and Bella's flop completely over. Personally, I don't mind either way, and like stated above, their ears make them adorable and add so much to their "goofyness". It's just one more reason to love them like crazy! :)

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    My dog Stuka's stand straight up!

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    Thank you all for your replies. I am learning so much here and you all have been very helpful. I have spent too much time to no avail at getting Roxy's picture to post, but her ears look much like Stuka's-standing straight up even when she sleeps.

  11. Stuka's stay up at all times...when she puts them down, she doesn't feel good.

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    MN I think you are thinking of JokerGirl's Sugar. :) I love bat eared dogs it gives them character and the ones that flop over are cute. :)

  13. I love ears like that. It's like they are permanently curious, like they are saying "whaddya say mom, oh yeah, jump on your lap and give you kisses, okay, done!!!"

  14. Yes, APBTs can have ears like that, but as someone said, there is no way to say for sure that your dog is absolutely an APBT, since, she didn't come from a reputable breeder.

  15. SO ADORABLE!! Love those ears!

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