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    Question Coughing/Wheezing

    Our 5 month old pup sometimes coughs/wheezes when she gets up in the morning. It usually seems to get better as the day goes on but the cough is always present in the mornings. In addition, she has a significant amount of sleep in her eyes in the morning.

    Her appetite is normal and she appears healthy in other respects. The foster mother we got her from said that she had kennel cough when she was much younger but that it had cleared up. We have only had her a little over a week. The downstairs area of our house (where she sleeps) is about 60-65 degrees at night. Is that too cold?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    If she seems fine otherwise, I would give it another week before I got worrried. Could be some residual effects of kennel cough. It can be a bugger. Change can weaken the immune system too. Even with kennel cough, the mornings and times of high activity are the worst.

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    Lucy has a problem like this. When she gets SUPER excited, she'll occasionally cough, or sometimes it happens when she wakes up.

    I've had her checked for it, it's not kennel cough. She had viral pneumonia when she was younger, but completely recovered. I think it's from using the choke chain too much when I trained her (she'd pull no matter what even if she passed out until I got a prong collar).

    Even if it's viral pneumonia (my dogs were fine except for the cough, they get it from direct contact with an infected dog i.e. playing), it's the same treatment as kennel cough, cough suppressants and antibiotics.

  4. so kennel cough is cause by dogs playing with other dogs? And how much it cost to prevent it?

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    No, kennel cough is caused by a bacteria or a virus. The symptoms are worse when dogs are playing.

    There is a vaccine to prevent it, but many dogs will still get a milder form of kennel cough if exposed even after recieving the vaccine.

    Shelters and boarding kennels are high risk places for picking it up.

  6. oh ok thanks for clarifying tat, so my dog can still play with others :)?

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    its highly contagious you should not have the pup play with any animals and stay away from all animals until the kennel cough goes away.

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