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    Stolen Pit Bulls in hoffman Estates IL. UPDATE !!

    Please p$#@! this along. The owners are desperately looking for their dogs.

    Daily Herald | Hoffman Estates man offers $1,000 for safe return of puppies

    2 UKC registered Pit Bull pups were taken from Lakeview Lane in Hoffman Estates around 2-2:30 yesterday, a witness (public worker) said he saw them grab my dogs into a ford truck and drive away. They will be seven months old tomorrow, I am determined to get my boys back and I will stop at nothing. If you see these dogs please call 708 307 9782 and contact your local police. They are very close to me and I want them back home, If returned safely $1000 reward

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    Dog thieves should get hanged!

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    On a side note there have been a lot of dogs stolen in the Chicago area and NW suburbs. These dogs were left unattended all day outside while the owner was at work.

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    Good luck getting them back and with getting police to help they usually too busy to worry about missing dogs (from past experience). I live a little north west of hoffman and I'll definitely keep an eye out for them!

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    this is horrid, I searched cregslist and kijiji for them, to make sure someone was not trying to sell them down here...I hope they get the dog back but yea police are always over worked, a homicide is a little more important than a dog theft but man still horrible the guy should be hung like the old law for horse theft was

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    Hoffman Estates' man's own detective work recovers his stolen dogs
    By Eric Peterson | Daily Herald Staff
    Contact writer

    American Staffordshire Terrier puppies Magu, left, and Chulo let their owner Alvin Clark of Hoffman Estates know they are glad to be back Monday evening after being reunited with him.
    Bill Zars | Staff Photographer
    Alvin Clark of Hoffman Estates plays with his puppies Monday evening after being reunited with them.
    Bill Zars | Staff Photographer
    Alvin Clark of Hoffman Estates was reunited with his puppies Chulo, left, and Magu after searching the area for them with help from Midwest Rescue of Illinois, a group in the Hoffman Estates area that finds homes for pit bulls.
    Bill Zars | Staff Photographer

    Hoffman Estates man offers $1,000 for safe return of puppies [01/16/10]

    In his quest to find his stolen pit bull puppies last weekend, Alvin Clark of Hoffman Estates made a convincing Dick Tracy.
    Since the 7-month-old pups Magu and Chulo disappeared Jan. 11, Clark had tried everything - including offering a $1,000 reward - to get the dogs returned.
    But in the end it was his own determined legwork, and a harrowing adventure along the way, that brought the dogs home.
    "It was a really hectic weekend," Clark said. "I really beat the pavement."
    Clark has had the dogs since last August, when he and his girlfriend drove down to Kentucky to buy them as a 25th birthday present for himself.
    On the day they went missing, the friendly pups had jumped through a gap in Clark's fence to follow a public works employee who was walking past. When the employee tried to walk the dogs back to where they came from, two young people came by in a Ford pickup, scooped the dogs up and drove away. The employee didn't realize until talking to Clark later that the people didn't own the pups.
    Clark enlisted the help of Hoffman Estates-based Midwest Rescue of Illinois, which contacted the Daily Herald as part of its effort to publicize the search.
    An article Saturday got word out about the theft and Clark followed up two false leads in Carpentersville and Arlington Heights before the trail got warm.
    Clark, his brother and his brother's friend had just finished printing up 60 fliers at Kinko's when the friend got into a cell phone argument with a woman claiming to have news about the dogs.
    Her tip led the men to set up an appointment with another woman who was said to be involved, on the pretense that they wanted to buy marijuana from her.
    When this woman realized why they had really come, Clark said, she panicked and told them about other people involved who were at a house in Hanover Park.
    A confrontation there led those people to flee to the Schaumburg police department, where they claimed they were being chased by Clark.
    When officers there ­heard that the incident stemmed from a theft in Hoffman Estates, the group was told to take the matter there, Clark said.
    The group Clark was confronting then told him they didn't have the dogs, which had been sold to a person in Crystal Lake - one for $50 and the other for $150.
    Clark drove to the house in Crystal Lake and was able to prove with registration papers that the dogs were his.
    Clark had feared that the dogs were stolen to be trained for dogfights. But he said the buyer seemed to be interested only in having them as pets. In fact, the man talked with Clark about dog fighting, apparently trying to make sure the dogs wouldn't be mistreated, Clark said.
    Though Magu and Chulo are now safely at home, Clark said earlier this week he hopes Hoffman Estates police will file charges against the guilty parties, whom he said live in Schaumburg.
    "Something's got to happen to someone for all the trash we went through this weekend," Clark said.
    Hoffman Estates police Sgt. Greg Poulos said Wednesday a detective has been in contact with Clark and they are waiting to see how committed he is to pressing criminal charges. Clark said he plans to talk to police again today.
    One thing that's sure, though, is that the dogs will never be left outside unattended again, Clark said.
    Jennifer Mohr, a volunteer with Midwest Rescue, warned that pit bulls are a more common theft target than many owners realize and that such basic precautions must always be taken.

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    Good news! Hope he's learned from this and stops leaving his dogs outside all day!

  8. I hope he doesnt smoke too much weed and leave his door sure the dogs are gonna have a great future

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