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  1. Pit Bulls don't bark much

    I need an article that shows pit bulls dont bark much ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nisey07 View Post
    I need an article that shows pit bulls dont bark much ...
    You cannot count on them all being quiet, I have one that is very quiet and the other is extremely vocal.

    Always remember they are dogs and quite often, they act like them.

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    Neither of my dogs barks while out on walks regardless of the type of encounter but the one is pretty good about alerting us to anything going on around the house.

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    My foster pit and my Amstaff are noisier than my small dogs! Ripley sounds like an alarm system everytime anyone walks down the street.

    The pit bulls my neighbors have had have always been the noisiest dogs on the street. If I hadn't liked Sassy so much, I would have reported them to AC. She about drove me crazy some nights with her barking. I did find that sticking peanut butter in her mouth would keep her quiet for a while and giving her a bone to chew on.

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    Mollie barks at everything... especially the TV door bells and knocks... or if she hears a dog barking on TV, she goes tearing through the house trying to find it.... She also has to chase off every single bird within a 5 mile radius from our yard.

    Bella on the other hand, rarely barks when someone knocks on our door.. mainly, if Bella starts barking, it's because she's barking at Mollie barking.. sometimes, she will start bellowing at Mollie, if Mollie is whining and begging for attention. I think it's Bella's way of making fun of and laughing at Mollie.

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    Diesel's nickname is "Silent Death" for two reasons...he rarely barks and when the "wind" arrives, there is no warning until the aroma hits your nasal passages...P U

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    Lugz doesn't bark much except at a couple neighbors that are creppy.....but he whines a lot.............are little dogs bark like crazy. (We always joke that someone is going to here the little dogs and walk into rob the house then next thing you know they will see Lugz in our Huskey and run the other way.)

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    Brutus rarely barks. Last Saturday was the first time I actually heard him bark since August. There was a man in our yard that shouldn't have been there and Brutus let him know he was not welcome. He will whine a lot though, its really freaking irritating.

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    Gypsy will bark when someone is at the door.

    Hoss barks at nothing. Literally, he will just bark. I went out with him one night and he ran to a tree and barked at it, then pee'd on it. Then he barked some more, just kind of randomly pointing his head in random directions while barking.

    I think he likes the sound of his own voice.

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    Lily doesn't bark at anything. Sometimes I'll come home and walk in the door and she'll still be asleep on the couch. I'm like great, thanks, I'm glad you're watching the house while I'm gone. :) But that's what Liberty's for.
    The only time Lily barks is when she wants to come in from outside, and even that is more of a whine than a bark. She sings to me is more like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nisey07 View Post
    I need an article that shows pit bulls dont bark much ...
    I doubt you will find an actual article on that... as dogs are individuals. This is not a breed specifically that can't bark or doesn't bark at least occasionally, though many tend to be on the quieter side it is defintely not true for all of them.

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    lol lol lol I wonder who wrote that as Red missed reading that article!! She barks for no apparent reason or at the slightest noise.

    I guess maybe she's defective or something!! lol lol lol


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    Ya... Tanks a loud mouth, too. Actually the rest of them sorta are as well, except for Arez. She's the only silent one. lol

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    Bubba was so quiet for his 1st year you'd think he didn't know how to bark. Now he barks often. Today while making breakfast he barked at a guy cleaning gutters next door, some dogs down the street that were barking, and a meter reader.

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    my dog never barks but tonight in the drive threw at Mcdonalds the gal askes for my order and Milly was sitting on my truck center council and replyed with a very loud and stern bark. Guess it confused her hearing a voice coming from a box. LOL guess it coulda ment a cheeseburger.

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    My pup is the nosiest muther effer I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. He looooves to bark.

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    Some bulldogs bark all day long. My SBT being on of them if he sees/hears/smells the slightest thing. Same goes for my friend's APBT.

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    Neither of my guys bark much.. Only when someone knocks on the door or walks in it. Other then that, theyre pretty quiet.

  19. You cannot count on them all being quiet, I have one that is very quiet and the other is extremely vocal.

    Always remember they are dogs and quite often, they act like them.
    Yep. Every dog is different. This goes for all breeds vocalizing, not only pit bulls.

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    Uma is a special case, lol. She barks at home when there is a commotion next door, or to entice the neighbor's dogs. When she is on the walks she will not engage in the "conversations" with yuppi little dogs but will bark everyone's ears off if we meet a big dog that starts the conversation
    If we are in the car she will bark at strangers approaching the car, but recently she almost jumped out of the window to lick a girl in a drive thru coffee place :rolleyes:

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