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    Question is there a age limit for ear cropping

    I'm the new owner of a 8 month old pit bull. I really would like to crop his ears but i heard that there is a good chance the ears wont stay up. Anybody have good advice?

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    Way too late. Most vets won't go near a dog that age.

  3. I agree with Jim. That's too old for a crop.

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    My vet won't crop a dog's ears at all, but even for vets who do, that is very old to have it done.

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    i'm sorry, but 8 months is way to old for ear cropping.

    just enjoy his natural floppy ears.

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    I think around 12 weeks is the cut off, so it's too late... but I love floppy ears, and I think both of mine look great with their ears... it adds to their personality! :D

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    the only time a vet would remove ANYTHING from an 8 month old dog is in the event of a health problem- because after it's too late, it's only done as a bona fide amputation.

    12 weeks is the cut off, nana, at least that's the latest i'd send them in.

  8. Why is there an age limit on ear cropping? what are the risks involved? IDK anything but I'm just asking to better understand thank you.

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    The cartilage is forming and the chances of them standing correctly are pretty low after 12 weeks.

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