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Thread: Dog crate size?

  1. Dog crate size?

    Well, I am getting a puppy in about 2 months and I'm just looking for a crate to get soon. She will weight around 40pounds as an adult. What size cage do yall think would be best? I need 1 big enough for her to be comfortable but small enogh not to take up extra room.

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    I've moved your thread to the Products/Equipment forum in hopes you get more replies to your question. :)

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    well, you should buy 2 crates in my opinion, a smaller size one for when he/she is a pup, and a large size when he/she gets 6mths plus.

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    I'd get a medium size one...if it's "to big" for her as a puppy (like if she decides to pee in it) just find something she can't chew to put in the back half to make it smaller for her.

  5. you can buy a crat that has a divider so you can make the crate small and move it as he grows.

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    i always liked to by a large crate and build a partition. i attach the partition to the crate with U bolts, and then just move the partition as the dog grows. this comes in handy later on, and costs a lot less.

    initially, before the pup is crate trained and housebroken, you'll want the sleeping area to be just big enough to sleep and stretch out, not to walk around.

    i like plastic kennels especially for pups, they are easier to clean when the pup has an accident, as they can just be wiped or washed, instead of having to clean all the metal bars. (cleaning poo off a metal crate is a PAIN!)

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    I never had a problem with the metal bars and the plastic tray is easier to remove and clean than the plastic kennels

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    36" with a divider. Adjust the divider as the puppy grows.

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