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  1. Pit Bull Ban in California

    Hello pitbull forum,

    me and my sister are appalled that ca is considering banning pitbulls. I think that everyone should create videos of their non fighting, normal pitbull pets that can then be put on the news. Please create videos of your pitbulls with children, cats and more if they are gentle, and post them on this thread. Also please include how you raised your dog, and if you are creating your dog to be a viscious dog fighter, please do not post here and please stop it.

    If the thread gets long enough I will invite a station to look at it and do a story on it, perhaps the best one will be able to be viewed on TV! so please use good cameras (I dont have a good camera, only an iphone but perhaps you do).



    Here are ours, they were raised as normal housedogs, pets. They are big dogs, very active but also super loving and sweet. great alarm dogs, blue is a kiss/licker, Mishie is a soft mouth and trained to get her vest and go anywhere, and doja is just an old lady who doesn't give a crap about much except a good scratch and treats!


    opening christmas presents:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

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    Ps our dogs live in california and we aren't going to get rid of them no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to Pit Bull Chat!!

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    Welcome to PBC!!

    Glad you found us!!

    I would check out the Breed Specific Legislation Section and look into updates. :)

  5. thanks!


    can you please post videos of gentle pit bulls?

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!
    Since this is our intro section and is designated for new members to introduce themselves and to be welcomed, can you please start a new thread here:
    Pit Bull Photography and Artwork - Pit Bull Chat Forum

    More people will see it and you'll get more responses. Also, do you have any links to articles about CA trying to ban "pit bulls"?

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  8. yes I will, thank you

    and we didnt see it online, it was actually delievered to us in the paper near christmas time! what a present - NOT! it talked about how the military is banning or considering it

    but ill try to find something online

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    I believe it was this article:

    maybe we freaked out it doesnt say anything about a ban, she thought it said something abou that CA would take a vote, but the paper article was much longer and had a divided sectin on the two "sides" of the argument

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    go look on youtube

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    here this could be a good one

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

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    ill find more

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    there isnt much out there, this one just a bunch of pics
    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

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    look up fight bsl and theres a ton of videos

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