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  1. deaf white pitbull puppy need help in how to train my puppy any suggestions please

    ii was looking for help on how to train my deaf white pitbull puppy any suggestions would really help me she is a white 3 month old pitbull

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    Check out our Trainin and Behavior section!

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    Welcome to Pit Bull Chat! You should post your question in our Pit Bull Training & Behavior Section. You will get more responses there!

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    Welcome to PBC!!

    Glad you found us!!

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    If you are new to the breed or want to pick up the basics in a hurry, here are some must reads. In every section you will see "Sticky Threads" that are put there because they have important information that is vital to "raising" this breed properly. Below I consolidated just a few that will help you get a headstart...

    Pit Bulls and Dog parks
    Degrees of Exposure...Grading the Safe Places for your "Bulldog"
    Always Expect a Bulldog To Fight
    Owners Code of Ethics
    DON'T Leave your Dogs Unsupervised
    NILIF Training
    Misconception of Dominance Theory
    Developmental stages of a Dog
    Responsible uses of a Breakstick
    Crate Training by Huskylove
    Crate and Rotate

    I know this seems like a lot of reading but actually these just scratch the surface of what you need to know about this breed (bulldogs in general). By taking the time to read thru these threads and other "Sticky" threads, you will jump ahead in knowledge which can only help you raise your dog in a better and safer enviroment.

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    A little help, perhaps...

    I have a 2.5 yr old deaf white pit myself. I put together some things I learned in the process of raising her in a blog if you would like to check it out. I hope it can be useful to you!


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    hand signals

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but I would just make sure she's deaf. Sounds logical, right? Well the reason I have Lily is because the guy that had her before me thought she was deaf and didn't want her. And she's not. So my new rule of thumb is just make completely sure first.
    Good luck with her!

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    I would suggest finding a training cl$#@! this will help socialize the dog also. and hand signals are very effective. I use them with my dogs along with verbal commands but I also just use them at times and its effective. like mentioned before are you sure the dog is deaf ?? try putting coins in a can and wait till the dog is not looking at you and shake them You have probably already had the dog checked by a vet but if not I would do that also it maybe possible your dog could hear a whistle if so that would be great to get his attention try all kinds of whistles never know one might work so that he can see the hand signals

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