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    Really big nipples on a male dog.

    Soooo Hoss has really big, slightly lumpy looking nipples. I have little experience in male dogs, much less in male dogs that were intact for years and years.

    I'm not sure if large nipples are normal on a male dog. He is around 5 years, was intact up until a few months ago. The nipples are large, almost like a female that has nursed a litter ( ) and they are oddly shaped.

    I also found a small lump on his elbow, so a vet trip is in order anyway, but I'm just curious if the nipple thing might be normal. I can take pictures if needed.

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    I have a male who is over 14 yrs old and is still intact and he has extra large nipples. We joke about him lot he looks more like the mama dog around here. The vet said nothing was wrong they are just bigger, every dog is built different, there was no abnormal reason for it.

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    I don't think any of my males have nipples. I'd point it out to your vet and just have them look at it anyway. Probably nothing, but I'd ask just out of curiosity.

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    Tank was fixed when he was ten and his nipples are pretty small. Deeohgee's are smaller though.

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    A neighbor once asked me why my male APBT, Bubba, has nipples. I asked him ''why do you?''.

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    im tellin you its a trandfestite dog!

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    my boy, (neutered) has tiny nipples..... i agree with talking to your vet about this issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by samuel64 View Post
    I asked him ''why do you?''.

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    dogs have nipples some are bigger than others i wouldnt worry too much about it.

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    I would have the vet check him...i dont know if males can have breast canser? :confused:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hucklebutt View Post
    I would have the vet check him...i dont know if males can have breast canser? :confused:
    Yes,male dogs can get breast cancer,so can male humans.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laced Wit Game View Post
    im tellin you its a trandfestite dog!
    Hey! You sound like there is something wrong with that..... Bella is a suspected hermaphrodite dog.Won't know until January 5th-when we have 'her' spayed.She has external 'abnormalities' and behavioural abnormalities that our vet suspects it.And yes, 'she' has huge nips! lol

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