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  1. HELP! Cant find a place to live with my pit!

    Hey everyone. I am new to the forums and could use some help. I live in orlando florida. I just moved here from NY and I cant find a place to live that will except my Dog. I found 2 apartment complexes and they are not very descent communities. I dont think i should have to live in a $#@! whole just because people are scared of pitbulls. Any suggestions from anyone in the are would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    This sticky should help you. :)

    Renting with your dog regardless of breed

    Good luck! :)

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    i had troubles finding my place not only cuz my pits but because of my gsd-
    but when i found one i stayed there, years later im still here with no plans to go.
    these standards are ridiculous tho, i know how you feel.
    take the best you can find. all i can say.
    maybe you can lie and say your dog is something else?? lol
    - good luck

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    I know your pain as I moved in September and prior to that I had a hell of a time finding an apartment that accepted not only pit bulls but 2 of them. It really is difficult. We were fortunate enough to find a nice place, in a nice neighbourhood where the landlord did not stereotype pit bulls. Unfortunately, it was a 1 dog per household rule. Did you try Craiglist?

  5. Yea, i have been all over craigslist, most of the listings are for complexes here which none of will let you have them. I have found a few people who dont seem to care about having them but the homes are in real slum areas, so it figures. I have been looking hard for a couple weeks, calling countless people. Im hoping to get lucky.

  6. That was what I was going to say

    Quote Originally Posted by Deniselynn View Post
    Did you try Craiglist?
    When I was out West I found a little house with a fenced in yard on Craigslist. It wasn't the greatest neighborhood (I was right behind a Jack in the Box and next to the freeway) but it wasn't a bad area either.

    I would really look into renting a house if you can, generally the owners are more dog amenable and you don't have people above, below, or on the other side of the wall from you.

    The way Sasha jumps around inside I'd be answering complaints from downstairs neighbors on a daily basis if I was still in apartments. And I can't deal with people stomping around on my ceiling either :)

    I know it's changed a lot since I was last down there but I went to H.S. in Kissimmee and St. Cloud and the "suburbs" around there might have an old farmhosue or something. Seems like the last time I was down there though you couldn't tell where Orlando ended and Kissimmee started.


    This is a great post. There are some very useful ideas on here. I have never heard of CGC titles. I dont have a dog trainer, so how do I go about earning this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dt&dutch View Post

    This is a great post. There are some very useful ideas on here. I have never heard of CGC titles. I dont have a dog trainer, so how do I go about earning this?
    Enroll your pup in Obedience cl$#@!. We had to go through 3 rounds of Obedience cl$#@!, and are now waiting to take the CGC test. Our trainer had someone close to their family commit suicide, so we are waiting a bit before Bella takes her CGC. There are certain criteria they have to p$#@!, before testing... sit and stay for a 20 ft distance, being handled by someone else, i.e., messing with their paws, tail, ears, looking at their teeth, as well as being able to be separated from you for a short time without freaking out and whining for you. Check into cl$#@! at your local PetSmart. We have had an awesome trainer and I look forward to working with him more after the first of the year. :)

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    Any way you can purchase or have a land contract?

  10. It's best to try to find someone renting a trailer or a house over an apartment, sometimes they are a bit more willing to accept dogs, even if they have a "no dogs inside" policy.

  11. If you get a CGC and TT done places are a lot more accepting reguardless of the breed.

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    I am a landlord and posted ads eventually saying dogs allowed no breed restrictions, but even then NOBODY with a pitbull contacted me! Then i read everyday on craigs of people giving up their dogs because they move, it is a matter of stepping outside your comfort zone. We had a place that said they didnt allow dogs and when we talked to the landlord we ended up with two pit bulls because he listened. I would say try to go for a "liberal area" or contact your local shelter/rescue group and ask if they know of places. If you were from my area I would help you out, you just need that one person! Try shelters, rescues, pet stores, most educated dog people will know pits arent a big deal so find one who owns a place!

    Also I am from Florida, there are SO many rentals because the housing market is pretty much dead so its flooded with sellers turned renters, tell one of them you are willing to sign a longer lease or put a little more money will likely help.

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