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    ear crop aftercare

    Bullets stitches were removed 3 weeks ago, and our vet said no need to tape. They seem to be facing inward and forward. Do you think they will perk up as he gets older or should we be taping them?
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    Do a search for crop, and you will find tons of different threads. I would think they will perk up after healing, but I've never had any dogs with cropped ears. These may get you started though:

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    Ear docking - General Dog Discussions

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    Ear Cropping Question - Health Nutritional Care

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    awww, your pup is too cute and adorable
    i also never had my pups ears' cropped. i prefer natural/floppy ears

    i would read those links that have been posted.

  4. those ears definitely need posting/taping, IMO

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    I've read all those post a hundred times because anybody that asks anything about an ear crop here always gets the same response, "take a look at these post," From the all the same people here. Im wondering about MY dog, with the pics I posted, about a certain question. No other thread can help me with that cause there is no pictures of my dog and his ears on them. Retro, I appreciate your feedback and I think I am agreeing with you. There are no other opinion on here anyways. I think 95% of this forum dispises croped ears and they give us the same 4 threads to read if any of us who do like it have any questions.

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    Did your vet give you any tips on how to care for them, or whether he thought taping them would help any? They look short, from what I can tell, so they may, or may not, grow a little and if there is enough of the cartilage left, they might stand up a bit more.

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    He's a beautiful pup... I think once he grows a little, they will come around more. As long as you like the cropped ears, that's all that matters. Some on here like them, some prefer natural. I've seen some really great crops, but I, personally, would not crop. It's an owner preference thing, the dog could care less if they are cropped or not, it's always for the owner's taste. As long as you are happy with them, that's all that matters.

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    To post ears you need to start as soon as the stitches are out, with 3 weeks gone the cartilage is probably set like that. It doesn't look like a great crop, lots of bell and very short but maybe it's just the way they are sitting. Did you see previous crops by this vet? Did you bring in a pic of what you wanted? I would go back and see what they recommend but I don't know if it can be changed at this point.

  8. I recently got my puppy's ears done, she is about 12 weeks. I took her back to the vet on day 4 because the wraps from her ears had come off. The vet said if they come off again to just leave them off. She is healing well. But she had busted one of her stitches but he said its okay because that part of her ear was already healed. It's been a hassle with her she is very active an the meds don't seem to slow her down. Her ears already stand erect. She has scabs but they come off on their own an her ears look fine. I keep her busy with the kong toys she loves peanut butter.

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    You know this thread is almost 3 YEARS old, right?

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