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    What bloodline do you have

    What bloodline do you have?I have bolio,budweiser crusher,and some rascal.
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    Most of my stuff is heavy eli...

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    My dog has mostly watchdog in him. So i'm sure you'd call him a mutt. ;)

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    Nothing but Colby Dogs here.

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    Apr 2009
    Southern, Alabama
    midnight cowboy, eli, paladin, chinaman, and a little bit of jeep and redboy

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    Paladin was a dog my dad's friend had, then he sold him to some man and then he died.

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    Central Florida

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    Not sure of my pup patrons bloodline. But my little girl skyy is Boudreaux/Sorrell.:D

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    Pipbull, Yes that's the paladin my dad's friend had owned.

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    I guess Scarling would be considered Jeep-ish. At least her sire's side. Anyone want to take a bang at a ''pedigree analysis'' on her. :D

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    I've been told she's chinaman and colby.But she has no papers,so there's no way to know what she really is.

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    Chinaman some Lonzo
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    way down south

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    Up the valley and in the mountains of TN
    heavy Maverick, Skull, Cowboy Jack and SixBits and my big Dozer dog is TNT/Watchdog

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    Wildside's(Jeep/Nigerino) and Boyle's, Plumber's Alligator.

  16. Eli/cowboy

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    Double bred El Negro male and a double bred Rosco female..........getting a heavy heavy eli bred bitch......soon

  18. I have vili/bolio and redboy/jock and mayday dogs.

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    take a wild guess.....?

    Here's a pic of my apbt's @ 9 mo.
    Any guess's as to his bloodline??? Both dogs came from the same littler, the entire litter was white pups, and only one black pup.

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    Southern, Alabama
    how would we be able to guess his bloodlines?

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