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    Adult dog's bark changed pitch

    my girl Lil Bit is a 2 year old adult and has always had a high pitched bark. Now all of a sudden it has changed from her usual high pitch to a very deep pitch like her dad's. The transition was over 1 day and it sounded like a teenaged boy's voice changing. She isn't acting lethargic, she is eating well, the weather changed from warm and dry to cold and wet. I haven't heard any cough and her collar is not tight on her. Should I be worried, like maybe she has a cold? Could an adult dogs bark change without provocation or should I check her out at the vet?

  2. Maybe she's just getting you big girl bark :D....j/k. I would give your vet a call and see if there should be any concern. I have one dog that has different even sounds like the background music from the movie "the good, bad, & the ugly". It's quite humerous sometimes.:)

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    I never noticed my dogs bark changing, but I guess it's possible. Check with your vet, but I'm sure there's no cause for alarm. :)

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