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    Hemphill bred dogs

    What can you tell me about this line? Isn't this considered to be OFRN?

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    I'd go so far as to say the straight Hemphill dog's are the only true representative of pure OFRN left today. Thanks to the foresight of Mr. Norrod they still exist today.
    From a historical perspective (70's & 80's) the Hemphill dogs were/are considered best when used as a cross, which is why the line is scarce in it's pure form. When the ELI dog's hit in a big way, the tight OFRN's just couldn't get it done. Also alot of show breeders helped water it down by crossing the Wilder bred dogs(which weren't culled as well as should have been) with unproven show-quality dogs.
    Those that most call OFRN's, aren't in my opinion true OFRN dogs because they don't adhere to the old standards of quality..

    If you compare the two pedigrees below you'll find alot of commonality, and a subtle difference too. The common link between the two is that they both come from almost the exact same foundation stock. The difference here is what matters most though, selectivity. Although the latter dog is bred much tighter, the focus of the breeding was on preserving it's game heritage. A great breeder spent years and years studying, observing, selecting, culling..over and over again.



    Both dogs are great looking and nice representatives of their pedigree. And I'm sure both are good dogs in their own right, each carrying pro's and con's as all individual dogs do. But if given the choice I'd want the latter dog simply because of the commitment made by the breeder to preserve, refine and improve the line.
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  3. good lookin dogs

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