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  1. Ear taping after ear crop

    I have a couple quick questions in regards to my dogs ear crop...ill include a few pics...i actually specifically joined this site to get some answers because the breeder can only seem to help me so much...just a little background, i purchased pup from GALIKENNELS in southern not a huge ear crop fan, but i loved the style of crop that all his dogs have, and his vet is A1...well anyways, i have the pup now and have had him for about 2 months, the pups right ear came out perfect but his left ear is not staying up...breeder says the cuts are both the same, but the left ear just needs more tape time..he instructed me to just pull up tip of ear, and tape around the ear/sandwich the ear between the tape? i tried to do this and it doesnt seem to be helping...the crop seems very short (it is a MEDIUM SHORT CROP WITH A STRAIGHT BACK CUT), but the ears will grow with the pups head, and the right ear has done this and looks perfect, but again the pups left ear is still not up!!!...pups right ear is on point, but the left just isnt standing up...pup is now almost 6 months old and i know my window of opportunity to get the ear to stand up is running out....the crop was done when the pup was approx. 4 months old....any suggestions will be appreciated i especially wanna know the type of tape that u guys would reccomend using...breeder suggested duct tape (that just ended up being way to sticky and made his fur a lil nasty...breeder suggested this because the regular cloth medical tape i was using kept coming off) i also just bought some vet wrap but that doesnt work and wont i dunno im at a loss and i want this dogs ear to get proper!!!!! help!!!!!

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    I've moved your thread to the Health/Nutritional Care forum in hopes you get more replies to your questions. :)

  3. Pictures to help

    this is how the breeder had it done when pup was shipped to me...the ear that will not stay up is the puppys LEFT ear...when you look at the pup from the front, it is his RIGHT EAR....
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    I am not a fan of cropped ears... but that poor dog looks like he doesn't even HAVE a left ear!!! :eek:

    Has your vet seen him? I would take him in and let the vet examine him. After 2 months, that should already be healed up, and at this point (6 months of age), you're not going to find a vet that will do any type of surgical procedure on his ears, he's too old. He's adorable, and I'm sure he would have be a real cutie with natural ears, but seriously, it looks like someone took some kitchen scissors to his ears. He has no ears left for his head as big as it is. All you can do at this point is just live and learn, and accept him as he is. He is cute, and his ears do not make the dog.... I'm sorry you're having to go through this, and sorry he is too.

    Oh, and I would never put duct tape on a dogs ears.... the "breeder" that told you that, doesn't sound like a very reputable breeder to me. Get some athletic tape, and take a tampon and remove it from the package, cut the string, and put it in his ear and then tape around it... that's what I've heard people do with cropped ears. The athletic tape should stick, but unless you use an E collar, he's liable to scratch it off, so you may want to put one of those on him.
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    Take your dog to the vet that did the crop.

  6. i cant take my dog to the vet that did the crop cuz i live in new jersey and the vet and breeder are in southern california....the breeder is the best and most reputable XXL BLUE PITBULL breeder in the world so i know he deff knows what hes talking about....again i know the crop looks short, but the ears will grow as the pup grows...i just need to get his left year to stay up like his right.....

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    I guess reputable means different things to different people.

    Call the vet and explain the problem, see if he can give you the names of some vets with crop experience in your area that can have a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedoitlikethis87 View Post
    i cant take my dog to the vet that did the crop cuz i live in new jersey and the vet and breeder are in southern california....the breeder is the best and most reputable XXL BLUE PITBULL breeder in the world so i know he deff knows what hes talking about....again i know the crop looks short, but the ears will grow as the pup grows...i just need to get his left year to stay up like his right.....

    FYI... he is not the best and most reputable XXX Blue pit bull breeder... because those are NOT "pit bulls"... those dogs are AmBullies... and "blue" is just a color, not a line of the breed. You have an AmBully, not an American Pit Bull Terrier. If he's promoting himself as an APBT breeder, then he's not the most knowledged and reputable. Anyone can look at the dogs on that site and tell they are not pit bulls, they are definitely AmBullies. ;) And I don't think those ears are going to grow enough to match his head... there's not enough ear left to grow. He's got a very short battle crop, they are going to remain short.

  9. true well im not trying to have a debate about the breeder...i know they are going to remain short because like u said its a battle crop...the ears WILL grow with his head, like his right ear already has...what im trying to do is get his left ear to stand up like his right ear...its the same length, it just isnt staying up...thanks

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    The crop, from the pics, doesn't look even. It looks like too much of the cartilage was taken off and that part of the ear isn't going to grow. But the angle of the pic isn't very good, so it's hard to tell. Can you get another pic from directly behind his head that shows both ears for comparison?

  11. i know what your sayin....the pic is not at a good angle and unfortunately right now i dont have any other pics...but the ears are both EXACTLY the same cut....just for some reason, his left ear is not up like the right one...the breeder is insisting that all i have to do to get it to stay up is to tape it and said it wont stay up without being taped....

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    I'm going to tell you what I would do personally......

    I'd take him to someone that knows what they're talking about, someone qualified.....a Veterinarian. ;)
    The Veterinarian will be able to look at the dog's ears, hands on and give you a medical opinion on whether the ear will eventually stand.
    And he will also show you how to tape the ear properly. What to use...etc....

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    It's really tough to say one way or another. At his age, the cartilage is already hardening. I know there are some methods of posting, but I'll have to see if someone else can chime in on that...kind of out of my area of expertise. And the truth is, not all dogs are good candidates for crops. 4 months is also the absolute oldest a crop should be done, and sometimes that's even a little too late for a good outcome.
    You can also do a search on the site for "ear cropping" and a ton of threads will come up. You'll likely find some good suggestions and links to posting ears.

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    Definitely agree with Debbie. Don't put Duct tape on his ears, that will stick and not pull off at all. Between now and the time you can get in to see the vet, I still suggest the athletic tape you get in the bandage section at Walmart or any drug store, and place a tampon inside his ear and then tape around it... kinda like wrapping a pita breed wrap. Don't wrap it too tight, and you may have to invest in an E Collar to keep him from scratching it off. But try to get in to see a good vet as soon as you can, he will be able to help you more by showing you how to do it correctly, and he may even give you some supplies to do it with. :)

  15. Good luck with your pup. You'll likely need it since this guy sounds like a cl$#@! A breeder (and yes, this is sarcasm).

    Hope this link helps. Short crops are terrible if they don't stand right away for curling over the head - and the ear won't grow with the pup THAT much. Your dog'll look like it has no ears for the rest of its life.

    No Tape Ear Standing Method - mole foam

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    I'm not really sure about taping a bully's ear but I suppose it is more or less the same as for other breeds. Don't use duct tape. The ear needs to breathe so you need to get some sort of medical tape that is transpirable and tape him up. Do it but not too tight and when the tape looks a bit $#@!y take the tape off and repeat. The best thing you could do if its really important to you is go to a vet as it will not end up half as good if you do it yourself.

    What Shadowolf said is true the ears look tiny and wont grow too much and if they told you it was a short crop, its a very short crop and the head/ear ratio will be something to see in the future.
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    Take the pup to your vet or a reputable vet in your area if you don't have vet yet (which you should though).

    It's very possible that this dog will need to corrective surgery to make both ears even and try to correct any other damage. Or you can just leave the ears as is and chalk it up to an expensive lesson of not allowing others to alter your dog's appearance for you.

    Having worked in the veterinary field, I don't know of any vet in this area that would've allowed a dog to walk out of his/her clinic with a crop like that. It's honestly one of the absolute worst I've seen in my 7 years of experience.

    ---------- Post added at 11:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:51 AM ----------

    Also, how old was the dog when the crop was done? How old is the dog now? Did the kennel provide vet documentation of this dog's vaccination history AND the crop surgery?

    To be honest, I'm having a hard time swallowing that a vet did that. If someone $#@!ociated with that kennel did that himself, then they could be in a whole heap of legal trouble as it is an animal cruelty violation as well as practicing veterinary medicine without a license.
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  18. When i took the pup in to get the remainder of his shots, the vet said not to tape anymore, but again the breeder is insistant on the fact that the ear must be taped or else it will not stand up...i checked the other posts on the site and it didnt really help too much, thats why i opened this account so i could post my own thread....ive tried to use the medical tape, but it doesnt stick enough and falls off very easily....

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    You can't just tape. You have to prop it and then tape the prop in the correct position. Without a prop, you're wasting your time as well as causing your pup discomfort.

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    The breeder is so insistent because he's not going to admit he sold you a faulty dog. If you don't do what he tells you, then it's YOUR fault. If you do what he tells you and it doesn't work, he'll tell you that you didn't do it right...and it's YOUR fault. The breeder is just a breeder. He puts 2 dogs together, sells puppies. If your vet...the guy with years of training in the animal medical field, says no more tape, I'd listen.

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