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  1. Dog penis smell? Terrible and noticeable from far away

    Ok I have been lurking and getting tons of info. My dog has a very nasty odor coming from his penis, fishy, and always has, I just adopted him, he is about 6 months old. Blood work has been done to make sure all organs are functioning right, and he had a urine test as well, everything came back ok, the vet says some dogs smell more than others, but obviously he always licks himself so no kisses for us, but you can smell it from far away, such as when I get him out of his crate in the morning, you can smell it in the crate area when you walk in the room. No discharge at all, it just smells, is my vet wrong or is there any type of supplement I could give him to counteract the smell?

    Here is a pic of my baby! :)

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  2. Well, I've never heard of this before! I would get a second opinion from another vet clinic.

    Actually, are you sure it's not coming from his butt? Have you gotten his anal glads expressed ever? It might be worth a shot.

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    i betcha its the anal glands...i would bet money on it.

    the anal glands are two areas on both sides of the dogs anus, and express them self ushually when the deficate. sometimes, tho, they dont, and human intervention is needed. im sure if you googled it you would get photos on how to do, and just put him in the tub, get some gloves, express them, and wash him off. anal glands have a strong smell to it, kinda fishy/metallic smell.

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    i agree with jilli, and huckle.

  5. Yea I've done that to some rescues before, I know what that is like, and no thanks I would pay to have it done haha. Its definitely coming from that area, I just gave him a bath and when I clean that area I basically feel like dipping my hand in acid because the smell is so strong with the warm water, eww I need to stop talking about it! But yea I know its coming from there

  6. Hmm...we'll I'd get his glands done and then if that doesn't work take him to a different vet clinic. That way when the vets ask you can at least say you already got his glands done.

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    There is an underlying issue! I agree with getting anal glands done and if that's not it a second vet opinion. I'm REALLY suprised the first vet didn't express the anal glands and says that a "fishy" smell is normal for some dogs.

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    the gift that keeps on giving!

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    Have you had him neutered? I know unaltered males put off a smell that altered males don't.... I equate it with smelling kinda like a skunk.

    Definitely have a vet check, even if it's with a different vet, and if you haven't had him neutered, check into that as well. :)

  10. I know its coming from his penis because anything he touches, such as my sheets when he jumps on my bed, the smegma stuff is spotted all over my bed. I took him to a second vet today, they could not get a urine sample, he stopped peeping every time they got near him and did the same to me :(. And yes, he is neutered

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    What about a 'yeast infection' inside his penile sheath? Some dogs can get that,and it reaks! That would also explain the funky cheese (smegma) thats stinks from his privates.....

    God,I just proofread my post.....I need to lay off the descriptions,I think i'm gonna be
    Sorry for the grossout everyone! Its to help the dog.........

  12. They said they need a urine sample to check for a yeast infection. They said that if he walks away every time you put it down the only option is to knock him out for it. thats $800 and I don't have that money right now

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    anal glands.

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    Thoroughly wash and dry a small plastic container that has a lid. One morning, as soon as y'all wake up, walk your dog and collect his urine as he urinates. Immediately put the lid on the container and get it to the vet first thing. (obviously do this when you can get it straight to the clinic versus having to be at work, school, etc. ;) ) They can run the urinalysis from that sample.

  15. It wont work we have tried that, when you walk near him he walks away, did it to 5 people including myself, he likes to be alone when he pees

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    Quote Originally Posted by BullyLover09 View Post
    It wont work we have tried that, when you walk near him he walks away, did it to 5 people including myself, he likes to be alone when he pees
    Walk him on a short leash and try to catch with the other hand. First thing in the morning the dog is going to pee no matter how much he tries to fight it. And without having to have a 2nd person all up in his business, you might find it much easier.

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    When I worked at the vet we had to do this, wear a glove haha!! But it can be done just don't give up so easily, he has to pee sometime.

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    Just .... ewww.

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    It's fun having males isn't it? I was going to say it sounds like a buildup of smegma. Hell, human males can get this if they don't clean their foreskin.

  20. Yea he will start peeing and cut it off, I tried this morning, he kept stopping his pee, tried for an hour, eventually with all of those tries, I $#@!ume he got it all out. This really sucks :(

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