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  1. When does ear cartilage start to harden?

    When does ear cartilage start to harden? My puppy is almost 5 months old.

  2. are u asking becuz u want the ears cropped? the best time to get it done is 16 weeks or earlier but with pitties the cropping is usually short so the cartilage does ok at 5 mo also, u just need to talk to your vet and see what his preferences are.. the clinic i work for will do at 5 mo but no later...

  3. No her ears were cropped when she was 3 months.
    And your dogs ears look great! How did you get them to stand straight like that? My dogs ears bent inward :T

  4. i had 7 weeks of taping...tape down to the sides, than tape up over and over, and fix the tips, and it shold be 6 months, it should look like its permanent shape

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