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    1 year old APBT pup jumping up and biting! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    I have a one year old apbt pup he still is biting and jumping up. The other day he had recently broken skin on my partner and i was really afraid of this problem escalating into something worse. I have noticed that he basically does it to get attention or when hes really excited. Sometimes he even does it in the car to get our attention, he'll start nipping at me or my partner. Lastly he does it when we dont give him what we want like a treat. He has also given me several bruises.
    We walk him once a day for hour and a half to Two hours and when we can we play with him. He been to obedient cl$#@! and he knows basically every command from sit, down, laydown, put ur head down, look at me, etc. 95% of the time hes really good but when he starts acting up it can really get frustrating. We have tried to turn our back towards him when he jumps up and nips but that seems to not be working (it just gets worse) because he does it neways nipping at our clothes or our arms. We even sit him down and try to wait till he calms down but he doesnt. So our only choice is to restrain him on his side (i know its really bad, and feel the worst for doing that, but we have run out of options:() PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Are you practicing NILIF? If not I would start immediately. NILIF Training
    Sounds like he's being a pushy brat that wants his own way. NILIF can help a lot. Make sure you follow all the rules of NILIF and don't be lax on any of them. Quite a few people I've suggested this to come to me later complaining that it's not working. When asked if they're following the training to the T, they say they they are lax on some of the rules. It's not going to work if the training isn't followed properly.

    Have you tried yelping like a puppy would if one of it's litter mates was too rough? If not give this a try. Let out a yelp, turn your back on him and walk away. If he gets too bratty, he may need to chill out in his crate a bit 'till he calms himself down. I'd leave him with something to keep him occupied in the crate, like a Kong filled with goodies or something to keep him busy in case he starts whining or something about being crated.

    Are you maybe doing anything to get him excited? Be sure that you aren't raising your voice to that high pitched silly voice us owners get with our dogs or are playing with him with your hands or roughly. This can get an excitable dog to lose their heads and go overboard.

    I'd definitely be putting a halt to him nipping in the car, especially if he's nipping the driver. In that case it may be a good idea to leave him home until you can get his behavior under control, get one of those car barriers that separate him from you or crate him while he's in the car.

    His walks may not be enough to get out all of his energy. Try jogging with him and see if that helps. Be sure he's good and tired. Some dogs may be fine with long walks, but some dogs have more energy and need more than just walking provides. Playing with him with a flirt pole could also be a good idea in combination with the walks. That or throwing a ball. Anything that gets him worn out.

    If you feel that his behavior is escalating or something you can't handle, it would be best to call a behaviorist and seek their guidance.

    Hope this helps. :)
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