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  1. Whimpering and carrying around toy?

    My female blue pit has been whimpering and carrying it's little toy football lately. At nighttime, she would "fix" her bed (longer than usual) like crazy while whimpering at the same time. Then she would start licking the football as if it were here baby or something?

    What gives? :confused:

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    Is false pregnancy a possibility?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RedNoseGirl View Post
    Is false pregnancy a possibility?
    I have searched around and this is the same answer I've came across. Do you know how long this is suppose to last, and is it a seasonal thing?

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    I only know a little bit by my experience with Maggie. She went into false pregnancy right after her first heat. I took her to the vet due to the fact that she was so lethargic, I thought she was sick. Come to find out she was even lactating.

    Seems like it lasted a few weeks (if I remember correctly.)

  5. Thanks for the quick response. I thought Nitty was just trippin' out of no where but good to see that this is normal behavior

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    Poor little pup... How old is she?

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    FALSE PREGNANCY! Poor thing as I do not envy you lol. I went thru this with my dogs and they were spayed! s$#@! would cry, whimper and collect dozens of stufed animals. She'd chew the tags off, nest all night long, lay and force them to nurse, and even take them from you when you took them. It was hilarious but sooooo stressful on the female.

    I dont remember how it went away finally but Im glad it did! Good luck!

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    awww....poor girl. I was watching something a few years ago about this little dachshund that would collect remote controls because she thought they were her babies.

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    I had a cat do this after a spay/abort, it passed eventually.

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    my female has a little stuffed monkey she takes to bed with her and she suckles on it until she falls asleep, she only started doing this after we got her spayed last month, she is 7 months now. any ideas?

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    My MALE Bull Terrier does the same thing with his stuffies, especially his baby bumble bee!

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    its the cutest thing ive ever seen

  13. Thanks for a responses!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mollie's Nana View Post
    Poor little pup... How old is she?
    She's about 8 months old and about 65 lbs or something like that.

    I'll post up a picture of her later this weekend.

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