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  1. Weak/down pasterns Carpal Subluxation Syndrome


    I have a pitbull/patterdale terrier pup (6 months) that has front leg issues. His front two legs are down a bit. I have had him mostly indoors. He started on Diamond, then was switched a few times on different kibbles before getting pure raw chicken for about 3 weeks. It was then that I noticed the weak pasterns. I put him back on low protein kibble from the advice on other forums. His legs are not getting noticeably better. I have noticed his front left leg has started to turn out a bit easty-westy. What can I do to correct this? He has started to teeth, and is still taping his cropped ears. Posted here are pics when I first noticed the pasterns about a month ago. I have him on pet-cal, and multi vitamins. Any suggestions?

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    Where did you get him from? His legs look very far apart to me. :(

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    doing a quick search on the subject, it appears the general consensus to try and reverse this is a product called Sure Grow and Supplements of Vitamin C and E, Selenium, Glucosamine and Condriotin. however, that was in GSD's according to the site I found.

    Here is one of the sites I looked on:

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    Continue to keep his nails as nice and short as they are. Someone told me walking on pebbles can help a dog with splayed toes. I wonder if it would be good for this was well? Like maybe fill his kennel or a hunk of the yard with pebbles? Swimming?.

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    I had a female

    Like that . I had gotten her from a breeder in California Same color Black and white she had some Blue in her ped hope it is not from the same person. Anyways it never went away and it got worse. Don't know if it was genetic or because I over supplemented in vitamines.

  6. I got him from a breeder down here. His other dogs, including the littermates don't have the same issues.

    I feel like everything that could cause it has happened. With the hi protein diet, to the teething, to the hard flooring, to the stress from ear crop. Any other ideas?

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    I would work with your vet on this issue.

    In some cases, a condition can be caused by malnutrition (and just for the record, only feeding raw chicken can easily result in malnutrition), but in other cases it is genetic and it is just the way it is.

    I would suggest bringing this up to your vet. Do some x-rays.

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    Like Zoe said walking them on pebbles or little larger than pebbles will make them walk on their toes and help fix when slightly down in pasterns but to me this looks like a little bit more than slightly. You can try it and see if it helps, it wont hurt to try. But as Miakoda was saying take to a vet and get an xray maybe before you try anything as you dont want to make things any worse than they are already.

  9. so far, my vet for the ear crop has only eyeballed the situation, and suggested the calcium and multi-vitamin supplements...the left front leg is splayed more then the right, and a bit east-west...I'm concerned that my many change it kibbles as well as the raw diet caused this...where can I get pebbles? and how much should I put in a 4 x 4x 4 kennel run?

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    Do you have any stone roads or stone pathways around you? If so just use those. Take him for walks on them but don't over do it at first just monitor how he is doing. It won't by any means be an overnight solution but you should notice some improvement in 3-4 weeks (if it is just a down in pasterns problem). Has he seen a vet at all about this?

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    Definitely add more to the diet...weak pasterns or not. Cottage Cheese is a great source of Calcium...and they usually love it. Definitely find a Vet that understands diet. If you start the walking on stone/pebble walkways, be sure to keep an eye on his pads. I would go back to a good quailty kibble (Merricks, Innova, ect. ) and use the Cottage Cheese, Raw or cooked Chicken, Raw Red Meat (not ground meat but from a single source like Center Cut Sirloin for soup-remove the bone marrow)...I would think that light flirt pole work ON THE GROUND (no air time) might help a bit also.

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    I certainly would not have the dog on concrete.

    Here are some reliable articles on Carpal Laxity Syndrome: (pics at bottom show medial deviation) (unilateral deviation) (possible nutrionial link?)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Miakoda View Post
    I would work with your vet on this issue.

    In some cases, a condition can be caused by malnutrition (and just for the record, only feeding raw chicken can easily result in malnutrition), but in other cases it is genetic and it is just the way it is.

    I would suggest bringing this up to your vet. Do some x-rays.
    I agree

    I certainly would not have the dog on concrete.
    I'd get the pup off the cement asap.

  14. ive been on the vets advice for about 3 weeks now, cant say ive noticed any changes...his left leg seems to be going out...and just by looking and feeling, the bones seem in odd positions...i might have to live with it, hoping that it wont get worst to the point where it harms him...I just want a good working dog, looks come 2nd

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    This is common in some dogs. I've been told swimming and being in THICK SAND can help. I watched a Malinois puppy that was malnurished and WAY worse than yours get almost back to normal with strong pasterns. I can give you the link if you are interested.


  16. yes, any link and advice or opinions are all appreciated...I just want my pup to have the best chance at recovery and a harmless fault

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