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    Thick mucus in poop - Help!

    This afternoons poop was pretty normal looking except for some thick mucus spread throughout.
    Josey has been acting fine all day - two good walks - eating normally - playing.
    Any insight on this. Obviously I will be checking the next one and probably call the vet tomorrow.
    I did do a search, but found nothing like this.
    Can't believe I'm on here looking for help on such a yucky problem

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    my dog has this too off & on. im not sure what it is. id try white rice & boiled chicken for a week as i was told by other owners that is what worked when they had the same issue.

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    It could be many things. Hard to say without doing a fecal float and a smear. If the dog is eating and drinking and acting normally then I would not be to worried about it. But Call your vet and see if you can bring in a fecal sample for them to evaluate.

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    Thank for the responses. I'm not too worried at this time, but it was reassuring to know someone else had experienced this. I definintly will check with the vet tomorrow if it doesn't go away.

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    Everything is back to normal - last night before bed and twice this morning.
    Josey goes potty on the side of our yard where there is lava rock next to the fence. She has always gone there. Recently she has started picking up an occassional rock to play with. When we catch her we have her leave it and then I have put cayenne pepper on the rock and left it on the sidewalk next to the rest of the rock. She does then avoid that rock, but I don't want to turn her against her entire potty area.
    The poop in question yesterday afternoon was on the lava rock as usual and not loose. I checked it to see if possibly she had swallowed a rock, but really couldn't tell since this thick mucus surrounding a firm poop was on the rock too.
    I will continue to watch and if "all comes out fine today" probably won't call the vet just yet. We just got back from a long walk and some frizbee fun in a basketball court in our park and she seems just fine.
    I will definitely call the vet if I notice anything else out of the ordinary today.

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