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  1. are pitbull allergic to any specific dog food

    Is there any food i should avoid feeding my blue nose

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    Allergies in dogs are just like Allergies in humans to my knowledge theres no specific allergy that is common through the entire breed, its all trial and error just like babies, I learned quick A+D ointment gives my fiances son an allergic reaction, so I quit using it and found something else thankfully this time no reaction, so again Trial and Error, at worst you'll give them an upset tummy and a little down time.

    and easy way to do it is, if your dog has a reaction to a certain food, make a list of all the ingredients, then get another type of food, and compare the lists of ingredients try the new food and see if it works it does find the ingredients the old food had the new food doesnt, that will tell you at least somewhat either what your dog has a reaction too or what items could be causing it, then ask the vet

  3. Harley gave good advice above. As far as i know as well allergies are specific to the individual animal. So just because one Pit bull is allergic to say wheat that doesn't mean all Pit bulls are allergic to wheat. I do know allergies can run in families so if the gene pool is small enough there is a better chance for this to happen. I think there was a specific allergy that ran in the American Basenji population because they were all closely related so a group of breeders went to Africa were they are from and brought several back to expand the gene pool. This also brought the Brindle coloring to Basenji's. This is why its important to do adequate screening for breeding so these allergy traits aren't passed down. Just a good fact to know allergies can show up later in life. Hope this helps.

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    agree with the above, I personally would avoid foods with dyes in it especially the "yellow 5" This particular dye as is well known for giving dogs hives.

    Each dog is his/her own individual...and you should pay very closely attention when ever you give him something out of his normal'll normally be easier to do the cross elimination if you know what he eats doesn't cause allergies to anything you new you feed him/her and it does give them allergies...

    Also, some dogs can form newly developed allergies as well... From my experience...I became an "Ingredient Junkie" I'm ALWAYS checking ingredients on everything...and anything with any dye whatsoever is automatically eliminated from the diet...I won't buy it, period.

    Good Luck to ya! and stay vigilante to the dog food/treat industry!

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