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  1. My dogs wont eat raw

    After reading up about feeding dogs a raw diet I decided to change to raw.
    Scylla will eat anything as long as it is cooked.
    Taranis started to eat raw until this weekend when I fed them chicken. He will sit and play with his food but will not eat it.
    I hope it is just chicken that he doesn't like, I will try something else tonight.
    Has anyone else expierenced this?

  2. Nika won't eat hearts and livers, if her life depended on it.

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    Gypsy is picky about her chicken. I can't feed her whole game hens, or quarters. I have to cut it up into chunks. I'm not sure why, but she only licks it and looks pathetic if its not cut up for her, lol.

    My dogs don't like livers or gizzards, so those usually go into the veggie glop mixture.

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    How old are your dogs?

    When I switched to feeding raw, Debo was about 4 years old. I switched cold turkey, one day kibble, the next day raw chicken. And he didn't take right to it either. He seemed very confused by it & kinda tried playing w/ it. It was a leg quarter, and I held onto one end & offered the rest; that got him to put his mouth on it more, so he got used to the feeling a little better. I also tried very quickly searing the outside in a hot pan (so that only the skin got a little cooked; you have to make sure it doesn't get cooked to the bone). That helped a little too.

    But to tell the complete truth, he just didn't really like chicken much in the beginning. Chicken probably has the least amount of smell & flavor out of everything that we can feed. He didn't eat too much that first week, but the next week I decided to move onto pork. He took right to the pork, and subsequently to beef & turkey, when I added those a little later. But he remained un-enthusiastic about chicken.

    When I tried giving him rabbit, probably at least a couple months later, he hated it. Wouldn't even really try it, just sniffed it & if he did pick it up in his mouth, he just dropped it right away. Everything I read said to just wait him out, he'll eat eventually - a hungry dog will not starve itself in the presence of food. He went 3 or 4 days without eating anything. I finally caved and decided rabbit wasn't important enough - if he didn't want to eat it, then whatever. Funny enough, what I happened to have on hand at that time was chicken. I gave him chicken, and of course he was very hungry & he ate it with gusto. Since then, he eats chicken no problem!

    But going back to your problem at hand, if your dogs are full grown & healthy, they can go without eating for a day no problem. If they won't eat, you can pick up the food after 15 minutes & put it back in the fridge. Don't give them anything until the next meal time (no scraps, no treats), then give them the same chicken again. At that point, if they still won't eat, you have to decide for yourself how long you want to wait it out. IMO, a healthy dog can go a few days without eating w/ no bad effects, but not everyone is going to be comfortable doing that.

    You can also try feeding pork or turkey & see if they take to that more readily. Once they're on the diet for a while, you can try chicken again & see if they go for it.

    Sorry that's so long! HTH :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothankyou View Post
    Nika won't eat hearts and livers, if her life depended on it.
    None of my cats or my dog will eat liver straight up. I think it must be the texture. I've heard of some people who's dogs will eat liver if it's frozen (but mine won't). I get mine to eat it by chopping or grinding it up & mixing w/ ground meat - then no problem.

  5. My Dam is 5 years old and I don't mind leaving her a day or two without food but my male is only 6 months old and every meal is crucial at this stage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren View Post
    My Dam is 5 years old and I don't mind leaving her a day or two without food but my male is only 6 months old and every meal is crucial at this stage
    yes, you are right. Before they're full grown, I would not suggest letting them skip meals too much.

    I think you wrote that the pup was eating raw, other than chicken, correct? If so, then you can just try some other things. I'd definitely try turkey then, because it has plenty of consumable bones. I can usually find frozen turkeys in the grocery, year-round. I stay away from any "enhanced" meats, meaning those that have been injected w/ a solution to enhance the juices. Turkeys are often enhanced like that, so you have to look at the labels. It has to state if the meat is enhanced.

    He might be able to eat pork baby-back ribs too, though that might be a little more expensive.

    good luck!

  7. Usually when we have a braai and we have spare ribs they both polish their dishes, but he is enclined to swollow his whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren View Post
    Usually when we have a braai and we have spare ribs they both polish their dishes, but he is enclined to swollow his whole.
    You can try giving him a bigger section, too big to swallow. Then when it gets too small, pick it up (and maybe give it to another dog if they chew better). Hopefully, over time, he will learn to chew up whatever he's given.

    Also, do you feed your dogs together (in the same place)? Maybe he's rushing to eat if he thinks another dog is going to take it from him. You could try feeding them in different places, or in crates & see if that helps him to slow down.

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