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    When will he calm down? 6 month old

    we've had "daddy' since he was 7 weeks old. he is great! doesnt jump on US, sits when we tell him, stays when we tell him, great on walks and runs, no food aggression at all, listens to what we say most of the time. he has gone threw a few times of challenging my wife and i but we always show him who is boss and he respects us and does not try it again for a while. i know thats an ongoing puppy phase..
    getting to my question. he is great on walks but if he sees a cat, dog, person, lizard he PULLS. i can usually get him to stop instantly with a quick correction but if there is a person or dog who gets to close i cannot get him to stop pulling, the most i can do is get him to sit for a few moments.
    he does this thing where if someone is walking towards us he lays down, then when they get close enough he bursts up and jumps up on them.
    ITS NOT aggression. ive let him go at a cat and all he did was run up, crouch down and sniff- wagging his tail. then the cats usually slap him in the face a few times befor he gets the hint then he lays down and watches the cat.
    if it is a big dog he will play rough, wagging and jumping up and rolling around. if its a small dog he crouches down and plays nicer.
    we were babysitting a teacup chihuahua for a week and we would let the two of them out together in the livingroom and our dog would just chase and chase the chihuahua, but when the chihuahua would stop daddy would stop and lay, very careful with the little dog.
    if its a human he will jump a few times depending on the person.
    i tell people just to ignore him but they dont understand most of the time.
    i dont want him to to jump at all! he is already 50lbs and it hurts when he jumps on you cause he is so rough.
    he does calm down after a few minutes which is good. the other day i was jogging with him and we were done, there was this very petite girl who loved him and wanted to pet him. i warned here he would jump and he was hard to control cause he is so exited but she was cool with it and took the leash. he jumped on her about 5 times then finally calmed down and was just wagging and wiggling alot. she sat down with him and he was just wiggleing and licking all happy.

    so can anyone give me an idea when his exited curiousity will tone down a little??
    i know he is only 6 months and this is kinda normal but i want him to be more approchable with strangers.
    ive tried the techniques in that sticky but im not sure if it really applies to puppies, its like trying to tell a 4 year old not to be exited at disney world!

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    Have you read this sticky? It may be helpful. :)

    Leash Training Made Easy - Training Behavior

    I give a tap to the leg with my foot and we keep walking.

  3. Calming down...ah yes. If anyone can tell me, too, I would really appreciate it. Riley just turned 4 and I am frequently asked if he's a puppy.

    Read the leash training for some help, hopefully it'll help with his pulling and activity.

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    Well, Tank and Arez are going to be 11 in a couple weeks and they are still complete spazzes so ya..... good luck guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alma View Post
    Have you read this sticky? It may be helpful. :)

    Leash Training Made Easy - Training Behavior

    I give a tap to the leg with my foot and we keep walking.
    this technique seems to have helped a little already. have taken him out twice today after reading this technique and applied it. he seems to be more focused on me and what i tell him to do. even just now we were out and he saw a kid on a skateboard and usually he'll just keep staring but i said "come" and he turned around and followed me, just like that.
    so thanks! we'll keep it up:D

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    he jumped on her about 5 times
    being consistent helps
    the sticky for jumping on ppl is the same for a 10week old as it is for a 15yr old dog
    they have to learn self control but if they get attention sometimes and not others they will do what they think will get it and is easier for them, self control is not easy for a pup
    he needs to be sitting to get attention from anyone
    practice makes perfect don't wait to try and train on new ppl and when your out on walks, practice at home recruit volunteers from neighbors friends etc...
    letting him jump on someone 5 times is 4 times to many, then when he was jumping the little girl was still payng attention so he got what he wanted.

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