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    I would consider chinaman a bloodline more so than Frisco considering he actually did something other than $#@!. Even though Chinaman comes from mostly Eli blood people will still consider it a bloodline. No one says they have an Eli dog if it has alot of Chinaman in it.

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    If someone has a dog off Mayday its worth noting that its off Mayday wether its considered an actual bloodline or not. There are Yellow/Jocko/Redboy dogs without Mayday so thats why his name is worth mentioning if you have a dog heavy off of Mayday stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben brockton View Post
    yes he was a producer. & i would be willing to bet that a high % of his best stuff came from a bitch out of the same the same cross or some from of it. thats why IDT mayday will be considered a bloodline. because it was established before him.
    At what point is breeding based on a dog considered it's own bloodline? With what you just said, it seems like an amazing dog would have to spring out of unproven dogs to be considered, because you can always track them back to something else. I don't consider almost all the dogs out there to be Colby, Tudor, etc., unless it's more recent in the ped.

    Being labeled a bloodline isn't that important, though. It's just a good way to tell how your dog is bred. If you had a dog straight off of Mayday, and someone asked his lines, would you say RJTB, or would you just say Mayday? Saying Mayday would give people a more specific idea of the dogs in it's lineage.

  3. whoever makes the breeding gets the credit. dogs don't breed themselves. there wouldn't be a mayday without T or E yhen folks talk about ch "red" they don't say wow that the best mayday dog they say thats one of the best R/J/T/B dogs. if S.K , V.A & E.K refer to them as R/J/T/B dogs then shouldn't that be the turm to use? ask D.T what mayday offspring would be & he would say the same thing. if you considered mayday a bloodline then all ROM dogs would be there own bloodline but that ain't the case.

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    PS. when you breed to a dog your not breeding to that dog your breeding to what made that dog.

  4. Guys, I am by no means a expert or even well versed in bloodlines. So yes I thought Maday was old and a bloodline. I have always been around the dogs but my granddad never delt with bloodlines as far as I know, he always said you should put good dog with good dog. I really am trying to learn this bloodline thing, so please bare with me. This was a young guy I was speaking with and he spoke of G-force and Wildsides Willy blood. He mentioned a few others but they flew way over my head lol!:)

  5. only people who breed pedigrees would be really worried about what to " name " a line......
    my belief is if you stick to the foundations of a line for its name then you may as well just call them all dibo....or colby....

    for me a dog that is bred " around " in other words either line or inbred on in decent numbers is worthy of being called a " line ".....then again i never bred pedigrees so some would feel im wrong....

    mayday for me is a line just the same as jeep...redboy or any other dogs of genetic significance are even if they are within the same family of dogs indirectly...............the trouble is these days most dogs are so scatterbred a person looks on his ped for the most well known dog over the 5 generations of a ped and calls his dog a " jeep " dog even if jeep appears once in the top right hand corner of the 5th gen and is actually carrying less than 3 % jeep blood ...or they call it a jeep/colby/eli/snooty/mayfield dog :rolleyes:......and then call that a " battlecross "

    over here we used to call it a scatterbred dog when your buying but a battlecross dog when your selling :D
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    over here we used to call it a scatterbred dog when your buying but a battlecross dog when your selling ..........pretty funny sh*t there

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    Once a dog becomes famous... I've got problem with people referring to descendants of that dog as its "bloodline"....

    If I had a Jeep dog... I wouldn't say I've got a Honeybunch dog.. and if I had a Chinaman dog.. I wouldn't really call it an Eli/Carver dog...

    So I got no issue with someone referring to a descendant of Mayday as a Mayday dog.

  8. "You not a fan of the Eli/Six Bits cross" NC thats in reference to your own dogs not naming the dogs there off from as a bloodline but what cross that produced those winning dogs. a dog can't breed to himself. but i guess it come down to whatever you want to call your dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devildog813 View Post
    I myself like the game lines of old, such as Maday, Jeep, Yellow John. But I was talking to a young guy in the shop this morning and he was naming a bunch of lines that I never heard of. When I asked him about these lines he said these are lines being produced now a days. Just a question, Are there any good modern lines out there, and if so what are they? :confused:
    those lines you mentioned are new lines but the rule of thumb is if you breed for 4 generations this will be your bloodline based upon a particular dog

  10. Funny, just recently started to learn more. I found out; there isnt really a definition to explain 'bloodline'. great dogs r allowed to reproduce... Someoff them where mediocre and once in a while there is a 'mayday'- dog lying in tbe nest. This dog proved him self and is allowed to reproduce and forms a new foundation dog. So, the tru dogmen knew an ace- dog comes once in a while, thats why there are not hundreds of new bloodlines right? Correct me if im wrong ;)

  11. Love this more makes u really think

  12. never thought much about this....Mayday was a RedboyXJockoX'bolio' Mayday was a RB/J/B cross...but over time the offspring/progeny have been bred back to one another so much that I would call it a Mayday breeding....not sure if that makes it a line or if the line is still RB/J/B...the Redboy dogs have been crossed into every thing so it has stood the test of time...same with bolio....crossed into everything....but the straight Jocko dogs some how got lost in the would that make Jocko a line? or is redboy-jocko the line...or is the cross of the bolio make the line? not sure but I guess I would lean toward Mayday being a line....mostly because he has been bred back to his own and his progeny have been bred back to each other and they are working....Mayday dogs have been been used as crosses for their own that leans me toward them being a line....but i can see giving the credit to the dogs behind him that made him....US1

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