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    Pictures of kids and "Pitbulls"...vintage

    Here are some great pics that I had on my hard drive demonstrating the loving and people friendly temperments of "pitbulls." Here are some vintage pics of the APBT, SBT, Bull Terrier...some are possibly of the AST...Enjoy!

    Also please add "contemporary" pics to the following thread...

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    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE to see these old pics of kids and pit bulls.

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  5. WOW...those are fabulous:)

  6. I cross posted this:

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    This is my house...see the bully breed dog...too bad it's blurry
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    very awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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    I love vintage photographs. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great pics SE and old pics...I don even care what they are of...just like old pics!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by fearlessknight View Post
    Great pics SE and old pics...I don even care what they are of...just like old pics!
    Me too...My boyfriend's Dad has a photo from when he was a kid, and it has these two hounds, and it's just a great picture.

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    Old thread.. But still.. those are some great pics!

  13. Love these pics! Thanks for sharing:)

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    Here is an old pic...........

    of Diesel ;-)

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    I love vintage photography thank you for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselDawg View Post

    Here is an old pic...........

    of Diesel ;-)

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