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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy View Post
    Pordon my ignorance for missing it. If the mother was a stray, how do they know what mix they are?
    I would believe that since the vet told me this, they had to have some way of knowing. The mother is a pit, whether she is mixed or not, I don't know, but for the pups, I am just going by what the vet said. and at 3 weeks, they are definately more wrinkled and way bigger than any other pics I've seen of pits at that age. I am just as ignorant as you, so I don't really know either! I'm just going to enjoy her that about all I truly know.

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    Thanks everyone for your informaton. I appreciate it. I won't be able to go see her this week, one of the vet techs took mom and puppies home until it is time for them to go with their new owners. She should be sending me pics of her tomorrow (she will be 4 weeks) and i think I have talked them into letting her stay until the 14th as there are still a few more pups that have not beed adopted yet. She will be 7 weeks, but if nothing else they will keep her until 6 weeks when she gets her first set of shots. I'll post pics if I get them, if not, you will have plenty in a few more weeks.

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    I haven't read this whole thread, so if I say anything that has already been noted, please overlook it.

    The APBT x Bull Mastiff cross is considered a "Bandogge" (a bandogge is a name now used for any bull breed x any molosser breed). The name used for this type of bandogge is "Pit Bull Mastiff". The American Bandogge name has historically referred to a 50/50 Neapolitan Mastiff x APBT cross.

    Here is a link for Bandogges to include the Pit Bull Mastiff:

    Molosserworld's Bandogge - Bandog Breedfacts Page

    As for your pup, I would hesitate to call her a Pit Bull Mastiff simply b/c she is red/rednose. To my knowledge, the Bull Mastiff does NOT carry the trait that would allow for the expression of a red nose. So if the pup were a true Pit Bull Mastiff (50% APBT - 50% Bull Mastiff) she would have a black nose with or without a black mask.

    The only exception would be if pup is 75% APBT & 25% Bull Mastiff. That could allow for the expression for RRN since then both parents could then carry it, which is needed for it to be expressed. But otherwise, her being a RRN, I'd say no, the pup isn't a true Pit Bull Mastiff.

    But no matter what she is, have her spayed & love her for the wonderful dog we all hope she'll be!

    Hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poisoned View Post
    I hate that site, its origins on a lot of other breeds are wrong and goes by Cesar Millan as there god. It's not a source for information as it is for pictures.

  4. I would not be surprised if the vet is simply hazarding a guess. They said my dog was a bull terrier cross when I took him in as a pup... its so hard to tell with cross breeds and surely impossible with puppies.

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    My pup is now 5 weeks old. She has been diagnosed with pneumonia. three of her littermates have passed away. she is actually showing improvement since last week. Unfortunately the litter had to be split up to keep them from making each other worse. Mom was a stray and apparently she had other health issues. She is getting better and is eating and drinking well. she is on both oral medication and nebulizer treatments as well as steam baths twice per day. I have new pics, but am unable to post them right now. I will try to post them this weekend along wth an update. Today the vet said that she might be able to dc one of the oral meds on monday if she continues to improve over the weekend. wish us luck. both for the pneumonia and the fact that she had to be removed from her litter mates at 5 weeks old! I knowt hat will pose a challange later, but at least I have some time to prepare for it. I am doing as much research as I can regarding socializing a pup that had to be removed from its littermates. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. The good news is that she is already using the puppy pad (since she is not allowed outside until 10 weeks because of her sickness,) I will be buying a lot of the pads - I am just glad they are disposable and she is using them so clean up is a breeze. I am using the gr$#@! scented ones so hopefully it will make the transition to outside easier.

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    Awwwwwwww........ that sucks! :(

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    im guessing it will look like HOOCH from the movie turner & hooch! what do u guys think?

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    Way cute pup!! Probably going to be a little on the big side... but I love big dogs, so that wouldn't bother me. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mollie's Nana View Post
    Way cute pup!! Probably going to be a little on the big side... but I love big dogs, so that wouldn't bother me. :)
    Yeah, I love big dogs too, but the meds she is on will stunt her growth. She is actually looking more and more like a mastiff in the face than a pit. Her mom looks more like a pit and many of the other pups do too. But she definately looks more like a mastiff. she is shorter than the rest of the surviving pups and now with the meds, who knows how big she will be.

    By the way, we came up with a name. - Her name is Kalikeaux, but we'll call her Kali. My niece named her, she said she has all the colors of a calico and she likes to swat her paws like a cat and since we are from Louisiana, we had to use the traditional coon-$#@! "o"

    I'll be with her tomorrow and Saturday to administer her meds, she still can't come home until she is better, but I go spend time with her at least 4 days a week. I'll bring the kids to see her this weekend. It'll be hard that they can't play with her (even though they are teenagers, they are so excited were going to have a puppy in the house). But they have only seen pics so far. Here is the latest of her at 4 weeks. I'll upload the ones of her this week sometime on Saturday or Sunday. This pic was 4 days before she started getting sick.
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    well, my little girl is 11 weeks old now. She is doing much better. She has made it through the pneumonia type phase, hard pads are now soft again. she is eating like a horse! at 11 weeks she is now 15lbs! She has made it through the "chewing gum" phase and now she only has slight seizures every now and then. I think she is going to end up ok after a few months. it has really been hard, but she is a beautiful pup and has a very good temperment.

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    Sounds like she had distemper?

  12. Thats a rough start. Hopefully it will be the best dog you have ever owned for the ordeal.

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    good luck to you and the dog, shes really beautiful.

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    laced the dog from turner and hooch was a dogue de bordoe (sp?). i had me a bull mastiff/ pit mix...looked like it too tho she was bought in a walmart parking lot of 20 bucks, i took her to keep someone bad from getting her i adopted her out, free to some really amazing friends of mine with a pit bull x lab mix. they liked the mix they had and took her, they were avid obediance people, that were, well filthy rich...LOL. here is a pic of her to compare, im pretty sure, thats exactly what she was a pit bull mastiff! lol I called her bella, and she was really friggin fiesty!

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    We actually got a call from our pet store one day about two ''at large'' dogs. I don't know why... but they always call me if they remotely look like a pit bull! lol We kept the dogs for a day and we found the very worried owner. Turns out one of them was a pit x bull mastiff. For the sort time I had her at my house, she was VERY sweet and he said she was an amazing dog. I've know alot of pit bull mixes, and many that would be considered a ''bandog'' but that was the first of that specific mix I handled. She was pretty big. Maybe 80 pounds or more.

  16. my mate has a Pitbull/Bull Mastiff/Amstaff...hes a big boy!..i use to walk everyday afta work..he would just pull me along like nothing lol..but he did get along well with my Maltese x Pom x..just a couple pics of Ned

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    Oh WOW! :eek: I REALLY like that boy! What a beauty!

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    Just on the bull mastiff side of things, I had a friend with one, named Harry. I thought of him when Violet posted in that thread about her foster ''melting'' when people touch her. Harry was like that. He'd be so hyper and excited to see you, you'd think he was going to bowl you over, but the second you placed your hands on him, he would literally melt! Gaud.... he was a big goober. He eventually returned him to the breeder because he was working too many hours and he wouldn't stop poopin' in the back room and barking and neighbours were complaining. :rolleyes: I actually got to see four ''pups'' out of the same litter of bull mastiff pups at a training cl$#@! for conformation showing he took me to with Harry. Gaud... I think they were only four or five months old and they were HUGE! Tan with black masks, all big footed, and long legged, runnin' into each other. They seemed so clutzy.

  18. my ex also has a brindle bullmastiff x amstaff...simaler to my mates dog but got more of a bullmastiff anice looking boy...ill try get some pics later...

  19. I have a panhead pitbull/bull mastiff mix he's just over a year old and he's a great dog! I got him when he was 4 weeks old at a year old he weighed almost 100 pounds so they are a big mix. I'll upload a couple pics of mine later but mine is brown with a white chest and feet and brown eyes that match his coat perfectly honestly looks like an over grown pan head pit. Personality wise he's very protective of me and my girls and he doesn't like strangers too much. Which I was told from the people I got him from that that particular mix is usualy that way they are one family dogs. He has a great temperment though with kids weither he knows them or not he loves them all :)
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  20. I had Copper. He was pit bull/bull mastiff. 86 lbs with a giant head. He was a great dog and brave with a very deep bark and growl. I will scan some of the film photos I have of him, or take a digital pic of some later tonight.

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