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    Pit Bull/Bull Mastiff mix

    I just found out that my 2wk old pup is a Pit Bull/Mastff mix. The mom was found and the pups were born on aug. 26th. I will be bringing her home (she is being kept with mom and siblings at the vet's office where she was born) on October 14th. She will be exactly 7 wks old.

    My question - does anyone have a pit/mastiff mix? I am trying to estmate how big she might get and just want to get an idea of their temperment. I have done a lot of research on pit bulls and plan to do just as much on bull mastiffs, but the only thing I can find on this mix is people companing about those who want mixed dogs. she was a stray and she decided on her own to have mixed pups!! Now I just want informaton on what I might expect. i posted this question on another board and basically just got lectured about wanting to create a new breed. WTF! So I came back to the place where i figured I'd actually get some worthwhile information.

    Thanks everyone cuz i know there will be some good advice from this forum,

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    Well I would say that we will be expecting plenty of pics so we ALL can watch your pup grow...statistics too!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselDawg View Post
    Well I would say that we will be expecting plenty of pics so we ALL can watch your pup grow...statistics too!!!
    Definately! I plan to go to back to the vet's office next week to see her. I will take pics then if they aren't too busy. they don't like it much when you get in their way:D Then again at 6wks to pay for her shots, so i will be bringing my camera for both visits. I'll post them after each visit. stay tuned!!

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    essentially a bandog, could be an interesting pup with some size to it

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    Id definetely like to see how this one turns out and what its going to look like. I wonder if it would be able to p$#@! as a bully when its all said and done?

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    From my experience with bullmastiffs, watch the joints and general health. Even getting the best possible examples, bullmastiffs as a breed seem to be completely stuffed. I have one now and will never get another. I could almost have bought my new challenger if it wasn't for all the vet bills and additives I feed her. Also they strongly advise limiting exercise for the first few months to nil to try to give the joints a chance to develop and strengthen. Even then until a year of age they don't recommend more than a leisurely walk building up very slowly. Ironic that such a big and fierce looking dog is as fragile as a china doll. Adding a big and fragile dog like this to a highly energetic terrier is a recipe for disaster as far as I can see. I don't know because I've never known such a mix. Hopefully the BM had reasonable hips. They are one of the worst breeds for hip dysplasia and this can cripple them at a young age. They also have terrible rates of cancer amongst the breed. Putting all of this aside, mastiffs are natural guardians and the bullmastiff was specifically developed to take down poachers. Adding this feature to a dog which is almost impossible to stop is another feature I would rather avoid. The bullmastiff has a tendency to hold someone when they have them rather than maul them but the addition of such a grappling dog $#@! apbt seems so wrong for this task. I have seen one apbt/french mastiff mix and at the time I thought this was rediculous.
    I hope it works out well.

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    Excellent advise from skippy! I love Bullmastiffs, but would never own one because of all the joint problems they are prone to. Be sure to do research and feed the right food! When giant breeds grow too fast, it puts a real strain on their bodies.
    It's going to be very important that you expose your new pup to as many good people experiences as you can (once the shots are UTD, of course) You have two breeds who are working in opposition to each other. The pit bull, who is a people lover by nature, and the mastiff, who is wary and designed to guard. There's no way to tell which one will come out on top, but you'll do better if you get her exposed to LOTS of people in positive situations.

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    depends on wich mastiff you're talking about...
    my best friends fianc*e has a dog de bordeau X amstaff
    and he is HUGE :p
    he has the face of the mastiff tough, but doesn't drool as much :p
    he's a real looker IMO
    but he wants to breed his mutt...

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    3 weeks old now!!! Pic Heavy!!

    I went to the vet yesterday to spend some time with my pup. She is really growing. Mom has a greate temperment and aside from being a little protective of her pups (not mean, just aware of everything), she is very sweet. Here are the pics. she'll be coming home in 3 weeks because everyone else who is getting pups will be taking them home then and I don't want her just hanging out at the vet's by herself. One of the techs is taking mom home too. All 9 pups got homes as well as mom (she was a stray).
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  11. Omg, she is so cute!

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    I don't have any advice;)

    But OMG she is to CUTE!!

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    awww, what a cute puppy

  14. Oh I just love her already - she is super cute.

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    Well I own a bull mastiff and just want to point out that yes these are good guard dogs when trained, but they love people just as much as the pit bulls do. The difference is the bull mastiff is more aware of their surroundings and more aware of "dangerous" situations, if that makes any sense. They will alert you if anything is going on, and will most certainly deter anyone thinking of trying to get past them. They just have a snese about them, knowing who is there for good or for bad. The bitch and sire to my BM were owned by my grandparents and uncle. Both loved people, (the mother past) and the father is huge. I think of this breed as the gentle giants. I actually think it would be a great mix... my pit bull Apollo, and my BM, Amos love each other and are quite the pair. But like others have warned above, the bigger breeds are always going to bring more health issues, such as cancer and hip problems. Just have to be careful.

    On a side note... I was walking both Amos and Apollo at the trail the other day, and some guy asked me if Apollo was the baby to Amos, I just laughed at him. I couldnt help myself. People are so ignorant.

    Your little girl is going to be a great dog, I bet you anything! :)

  16. Taking a pup home at five weeks is too young. Try keeping the pups together longer, they'll need to learn bite inhibition, ect. while with mom and siblings.

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    Just a quick note here, I and several other trainer friends have had no problems with starting pups out at five weeks. I have five AST pups in cl$#@! who are now about a year who began coming out to training almost from the time they were born. When they were infants they just rode in the van with mom, they hit the ground at three weeks, and joined the cl$#@! at five. They had also been tracking and swimming by the time they were six weeks. They are owned by a surgical vet tech, and the cl$#@! environment is very safe, all dogs healthy, well cared for, under control, and showing in performance sports. This school of thought goes along the lines of (careful) exposure boosts the immune system.

    kandie, I'd love to see your pup in cl$#@! when you bring her home! Shoot me a pm.

    Julie K

  18. Pordon my ignorance for missing it. If the mother was a stray, how do they know what mix they are?

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    Found this picture from another forum, someone's Pit bull/bull mastiff mix. They said he's about 100lbs (30-40lbs range as a puppy).

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    my dog Wyatt is a Pit Bull X Bull Mastiff....he's a wonderful dog, about 22 inches at the withers and about 87lbs...he just turned 2 and apart from food allergies and a button tumor i havent had any health problems. He's extremely loving and couldnt be more friendly to people inside the house.....but unless he knows you really well he's not going to appreciate seeing you outside the house (some of which could be my failure to fully socialize him.) Judging by my dog, and my Uncles (wyatts 'brother,') you've got a wonderful dog coming your way....just make sure your obedience cl$#@! are squared away, as having a powerhouse of a dog with bad manners would be difficult to deal with (especially when you throw in a Pit Bull prey drive.)

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