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Thread: Fighting Fish

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    Fighting Fish

    I have some very aggresive cichlids and they broke my diver dude. RIP diver dude. :(

  2. :eek::eek:...those are some pretty aggressive fish...

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    Put them to sleep! lol

    RIP hehehe

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    damn put some pics up of the fish!!!!

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    I was quite sad when I saw that this afternoon. :(

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    poor whats he gonna go when he gets frisky and there are no women around. Better get a sucker fish in that tank

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    Bored cichlids can wreak havoc. What species you got? Is that a 10g? Looks like it compared to the rocks..

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    They are in a 55 gallon. We have three Jacks, Two Manganese, and a firemouth. I am going to have to revamp the tank. I am thinking about going natural and just putting some diftwood and big rocks.

  10. Aww, poor diver dude.

  11. Oh my goodness! If Raul ever mauled his tank toys I'd whoop his fishy butt!

  12. i have the same gravel in my piranha tank :P

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    Hmmm... you should check out Monster Fish Keepers

    Tank isn't big enough for all of those fish as adults, all get pretty darn large and territorial.

    It looks oddly small! Is it a 55 tall or something? Odd... I need to sell some tanks, I've got a 95 hex and a 33long that have nothing in them, I just sold 2 55s and a 2 10s, along with some smaller tanks... Thankfully I've gotten out of angel and betta breeding, and just have a few small tanks and a 800g pond. I'm breeding hardy guppies right now, a mix of wild and show quality, I'm about 4 generations into it and they're great! Lovely colors, but they're pretty rough on other fish.

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    I am thinking about getting seperating the firemouth from the group and getting his own 20 gallon. He is the worst out of the bunch. I would love to get more tanks but I do not have the space right now.

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    RIP Scuba Steve!!

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    I still have to go on a rescue mission to get him out of there.

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