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  1. Angry pitbull friendly places to live

    I have to move asap i have called tons of places half the time people laugh at me when i ask if they take pit bulls I will never get rid of my dog he is my baby but i also dont want to spend the winter on the street with him.So if any of you know any apartments duplex anything at all that take pits please let me know.

    Thanks for your time

  2. sorry forgot to add i am in portland oregon

  3. I feel your pain. I'm in hawaii, military, so I can't just up and move. 90% of apartments don't allow pit bulls, 5% have a weight limit and the other 5% is taken!!!!!

    But I'm afraid I can't help you :( Good luck!

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    Welcome to the PNW! lol

    Im across the river in Vancouver but I can see what I can turn up.

    Do you require a certain area? Price range? Apartment or house? Ect?

    Also, have you thought about getting your dog CGC certified? Having that certificate as well as ATTS testing your dog can make a world of difference with landlords, trust me!

  5. Hi as far as the area i really dont care i prefer it to be close to portland because i work in portland.Price range i can only go 600-650 right now i dont care what the place is like or how small it is. I know that pitbulls need room but I have to leave the place im in it is a very bad situation i need to leave asap.I will take whatever i can get now i can always get something else when i have more time to find a place.Im desperate to keep this dog he has been my everything. I will not take him to the pound to be put to sleep.No i have not had him certified or tested yet I will do that in the future but like i said before i have to leave asap

    Thanks again

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    2451 SE Taylor St_ Portland, OR 97214
    (503) 234-0414

    I dont remember the name of these apts, but we did adopt a dog to a couple that was renting here. They have since moved, but I do remember that the apartments were very Pit Bull friendly.

    Also check here for listings:

    Make sure when calling around that you are professional and call your dog an "American Pit Bull Terrier" as the phrase "Pit Bull" is one that people usually spit out and it sounds bad.

    Good luck and please keep us posted on the search! :D

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