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    Pitbulls and... sweaters?!?! :)

    My girl has some pretty short fur and I'm worried about her being cold outside in the morning during the winter. (We are in AZ, so it will warm up by 10AM to about 73 or so). Is this something people do, is there a store we should look at? How do I prevent her embarrasment with other pitbulls, or should we just not tell them about.. the sweater?

    Any advice is much appreciated.


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    Mollie and Bella both have not only sweaters, but rain slickers as well. :p

    I got one of the rain slickers at Old Navy, the other from Ebay, and the sweaters, one a member on here made for Mollie, and the ones for Bella came from the clearance rack at PetCo. PetSmart had some too, but I missed out on those. I think I have a pic of Bella in hers, it was way too big when I bought it, but should fit this winter. :)

    Not the prettiest colors, but that's ok, I think I got them before I got Bella, and they are too small for Mollie, so Bella will get good use out of them. :)

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    All my dogs have jackets and sweaters. I have bought them at Petsmart and on Ebay.

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    I bought a Fido-Fleece look alike last year for a small amount, and this year my mom is going to replicate the pattern so Gypsy and Marsha can have new coats this year.

    I love my momma.

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    YES YES! Marshall and Manson have snowsuits so they can play without getting too cold....they have sweaters and lots of em!

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    I am getting Goren a Sweater or going to make him one, I have a little throw over thing I made him but need more fabric to make a thick one for walks in the winter. I have about 3 months or so before it starts getting freezing here, so I am not in a big rush.

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    I never turn the heater on so I got Ginger a sweater when I noticed her shivering...I will throw one on her if it is a chilly damp morning.

    Now she is just a bit too big for Target sweaters (she looks like the Incredible Hulk ripping through them) but is too small for Old Navy (looks like she is trying to rock the sexy Flashdance look).

    Here is a photo of her showing off a sweater I got her soon after she came home with me :)

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    Last winter we got coats for Lexi and Ruca since they were so sissy they wouldn't even go out to potty if it was sprinkling out. Lexi is too big for it now so im sure we are gonna have to get her a new one. But she loved it and would wear it all day long, this year we may try sweaters since the jackets didnt move or stretch very well.

  10. Does any one know where I can get a knitting or crochet pattern for a sweater to fit my pitbull? I have made a few sweaters for her but they just don't fit right. Either to small in the chest or too big around the middle. I am pretty good at following a pattern but not adjusting them.

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    Courtesy of Petsmart. ;D

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    I could not find a coat I liked at the local pet store so I crocheted Boomer a sweater. I jog him early in the morning and it is just to cold to take him out without some protection.

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    I make my dogs their coats. I'll make one, see what I like and don't like then the next time I make them, I'll adjust things a bit.



    Frankie (she had two that matched Rosies, but has outgrown them)

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