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    Butterfly Nose??

    My 3 month old pup has I think what's called a butterfly nose. I know that some puppies with butterfly noses actually fill in by the time they are adults. My question is by what age are they usually filled in? My boy only has a small portion of pink, but I was just curious. Hell, I like his little nose, I think it looks adorable :D. I've also decided against cropping his ears. I had the appointment set for this Saturday, but have been turning it over in my head for the last few days and decided I don't have the heart to do it and his floppies are super cute anyway! Besides, there's still a chance his ears can change right? Anyway here's a picture or two...think his nose will fill in??

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    Nice looking pup...He should be fine

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    Savannah's butterfly nose has filled in and she just turned six months.

    10 weeks:

    6 months

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    awww your puppy is adorable, delali.

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    Red is now 4 mos and I've noticed it's started to fill in a bit more. But I think it's cute! Love floppy ears.

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    What cute little faces, with their butterfly noses!! I'm in love!!

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    Guinness' butterfly nose is almost gone and I'm very sad about it :(

    Butterfly nose before..

    Butterfly now.. :(

    I want the butterfly nose back.. now he is like harry potter with just a sliver of pink

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    Awww everyones pups are so cute with their little butterfly noses!!

    This picture is just too cute for words!:D

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    She still has some pink but it's hard to see in pictures, we all miss her butterfly nose :(

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    Jezebel has a butterfly nose.
    Three months

    Nine months

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    2 months:

    And now:

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    does the knows usually always gain pigment?

  13. ive seen dogs that stayed with somewhat butterfly noses so keep ur fingers crossed cuz it looks cool.

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    duh, I just realized I typed Knows for nose.......hahaha

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    Everyone's pups are adorable! I love the pink noses. :D Glad you decided against cropping his ears - they are adorable. :)

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    Everyone has such beautiful dogs!! Looks like he'll fill in a bit more by the time he's older :( I was hoping not but oh well!

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    Such cute spotted nose puppies!!!

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