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  1. Question coat color change??

    Hi I found you because my blue pit's color is getting darker down her back and dark spots. She has allergys and has had to take a steroid from the vet to keep her from itching and getting bumps. Any idea on if that could have something to do with the coat color change? and is this normal? Help please:confused::confused::confused:

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    Is your dog young? My puppy is blue brindle and I was told when she was around 3 months that her color would get darker. She was a little lighter back then now she has dark blue at her shoulders and down her back.

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    My blue girl got darker down her back as she got older. As far as the spots, was your dog missing hair in the areas her spots are from itching at herself or was the hair once sparse in those areas? Sometimes that will cause the hair to grow back in darker in the spots where the hair was either itched off or sparse.

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