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    I was wondering if anyone could give me a little information on these dogs.. i have a maverick/bolio male and i was thinking about getting a clemmons or elliott female and was trying to get any kind of information about this strain of the eli bloodline. my dog comes down from the boudreaux stock and i was wondering how these dogs differed considering they are all coming down from eli.. any information will help. thank yall.

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    My girl Angel has Clemmons/Elliott in her... Six Bits and Clemmons' Dick... several time.

    Typical Eli stuff... hard mouth, from my experiences they start up early.. I've heard some down talk the Six Bits stuff... but to each their own. I've never personally known anyone that didn't like the Maverick/six bits cross

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    thank you very much.. what are some of the drawbacks if any to the dogs off that line.. i know every different bloodline has it positives and negatives.

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    I dunno... drawbacks... I've always heard early starters are more likely to quit. But I doubt that is of any concern to you ;) But other than that... I can't really think of any I try and judge it on a dog by dog basis

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    appreciate ya.. i never heard that tho about if a dogs starts early its likely to quit, my buddy i got my male from tho did say people have a bad habit about burning a dog out before it gets to the right age if they start early.. but thx for the info!

  6. some people used to say the early u try one he will quit sooner... maybe maybe not

    just some people dont have the patience on their dogs and end up screwing em,...

    take care

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