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  1. Is Diamond good dog food?

    Does anyone know if it's a good dog food?

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    I have used diamond and I really liked it.

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    Check out this link paulita. There's some pretty informative stuff there....

    I know in your other thread I mentioned switching foods due to your dog's skin issues. A lot of dogs can have food allergies to a certain type of meat (i.e lamb), a high grain content in the food, corn, etc...
    Sometimes switching to a higher quality food with less fillers can help a lot with this issue. Some dogs who are more extreme cases will be put on a food with alternate protein sources like "rabbit" or "duck" with carb sources such as "potato" instead of corn and grain. Those are usually best left to prescription by a veterinarian. In your case, you may want to try a different brand of dry food. Brands like Canidae, Innova, Blue Wilderness, etc. are usually rated the best. For me, I have a hard time spending the money on them plus finding them at a specialty pet store with inconvenient hours. The best results I've found from a "Petsmart" type pet food is Nutro or Natural Choice, just my personal experience.

    On that note, anyone have experience with Flint River Ranch food?

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    Oh just found this sticky too:
    Rating Dog Food Website - Health Nutritional Care

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    check out one of the better sites to learn how to read labels and stuff :)

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    Daisy is fed Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice adult formula...she is doing pretty good on it. When we first got her she was on the Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice puppy formula

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    Heres a great sticky that you may find helpful. :)

    What We Feed Our Dogs - Part II - Health Nutritional Care

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    Mollie was raised on Diamond, but Bella and Mollie both are on Taste Of The Wild now. I am extremely happy with it, and knowing what I know now, from reading the links provided above, if I had it to do over again, I probably wouldn't have fed Mollie Diamond, I think I would have either stuck with TOTW, or Blue Buffalo. ;)

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